How much money do i need to travel around europe for a month?

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How much money would I need saved up in order to travel in Europe for 1 month?

I'm in college now, and I graduate in 2 years. After college before I try to find a job and start a career, I want to travel around Europe for around a month, but I'm not sure how much money I'm going to need saved up in order to do that? Does anyone have a rough estimate from experience how much it will cost. I'm wanting to go to places like Paris, London, Dublin, Rome, Athens, Venice.. etc. Thanks!


The costs depend on exactly when you visit, where you visit, where you're coming from, how you get around...

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How much money do I need to travel Western Europe for one month?

I am going to travel Europe for one month and was wondering how much money it would cost. I have $2,326 saved up and I plan to go to Lisbon, Madrid, Ibiza, Barcelona, Marseilles, Paris, Trier, Bitburg (small town in Germany), and Amsterdam. I have my...


Hi, I think you have a rather decent amount saved up for spending. For hostels: Should be about $90...

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Europe trip - how much money do i need?

Hey guys, I'm travelling to Europe from early July-late September next year. For the first month I'll be staying with a friend in Switzerland and traveling around the country with her and i might also fly to Greece for a week if i can get any cheap flights...


This seems to be a good site for hostels... As for spending money, I think...

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What do I need to travel through europe?

I'm trying to travel through Europe for a month, relying mostly on getting around by train. Would I need a train pass, and how much would it be? What can I expect from a hostel? How much money should I count on? I'm trying to spend as little as possible...


You don't give your nationality and that matters a lot. Use this site to check entry requirements: http...

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Travel Question europe prices?

Hi, a group of friends and i where thinking of going on a tour of europe the summer after my junior year ( summer after senior for some of my friends) of high school. It works out quite well because 3/4 of us have a free plane ride to europe ( sweden...


Hostels charge per person - usually from US $15-30 per person. Cheap double rooms in hotels start at...

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Help me prepare for a month backpacking in Europe

Please help me plan a month long backpacking trip through Europe. I've never done this sort of this before for this long and I need even the most basic tips as regards travel of this nature. I need specific advice and general tips regarding traveling...


I recommend Couchsurfing over hostels, because you'll meet locals. The best hostels I've stayed in have...

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I need advice on traveling in Europe?

So I'm going to Germany in July to study abroad for one month. I don't really care too much about Germany because there are excursions associated with the study abroad class. My flight is to Dusseldorf. However, I am thinking about taking several excursions...


Getting a railpass is not necessarily worth the money. It can often be cheaper to buy individual tickets...

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Travel by freighter to Europe from Canada?

Hi, I want to travel to Europe to visit a friend, and I don't have much money to do it. I live in Sault Ste Marie Ontario, and I don't know who to approach in order to board a cargo freighter and travel by sea to Europe. Do I need to go right to Nova...


You can't just board a ship and find a job. All merchant seamen need to be qualified, and the days when...

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Two 18 year old girls traveling around Europe from the u.s. for a month?

me and my friend are hoping to travel around europe for a month during the summer. places: ireland(dublin area), uk(london, maybe scotland), france(paris), belgium(brussels), luxembourg, italy(rome, venice, florence), germany and poland. we realize its...


Hey :) iam 18 years old too and i'm italian. So in general europe isn't a dangerous place , here it...

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Roughly how much money do i need to travel to Europe from Australia?

I have always longed to travel to Europe, especially England and France and finally I have finished high school so I decided it was time to start planning! I just want to get a lot of get a lot of feed back and other peoples opinions! Say if I was to...


you've finished high school? This question makes you sound about 12. go get a guidebook and do some...

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