How much money should I take on a long trip to Europe?

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How much money should i take for a trip to Europe?

hi, I'm going on a trip to Europe in a few weeks and it is totally a last minutes surprise. My girlfriend's dad is buying the plane tickets and most probably hotels/ hostels. The only thing i would have to pay would be expenses, food, souvenirs, etc... how much money should i bring? oh and we're going for three weeks to Madrid, Barcelona, then to Paris, Florence, Rome, and Venice. Thanks! oh and if anyone has any tips of how to save money i would appreciate it


Each of the cities you've mentioned are quite expensive! One tip would be not to eat or drink at the...

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How much money would you take on a backpacking trip across Eastern Europe?

I'm planning on going as long as my money will take me. How much would you recommend for a 1-2 month trip?


Now that's something i've always wanted to do. You're so lucky. But, you shouldn't use cash, maybe travelers...

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How much money should i plan to take with me on my trip to europe?

i am planning a trip to europe backpacking style. so inexpensive but still comfortable and able to see and go everywhere and buy trinqets and things. idealy i would like to go atleast 6 months if not more and on that note is there a way to make any money...


Dear Naomi: Good for you! Millions of people want to do this too. Have you planned anything out, yet...

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How much money should I take for a trip to europe?

I will be going to Spain and France in December with a friend of might ultimately turn out to be a group of 4....and I already bought my plane ticket, but I wanted to know how much money I should take for food, hotels (i dont mind staying...


You do not say how long you travel for. I would say $100 a day if you are careful, $200 per day if you...

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How much spending money should I take on a 10-day trip to Europe?

I am doing a study abroad trip to London, Amsterdam, Brussels and Bruges (2-3 days each). Entry fees to all museums/shows/etc are covered by the trip fees, lunch is not included but more


A coke runs about USD $4-7 each.

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How much spending money should I take on a 3-wk trip to europe?

I'm traveling to France, Spain, and Portugal with a student group, so hotel, food, transportation, etc. are covered. I plan on buying souvenirs for myself, a few for family and friends, and money for extra things that might come up. I've been told about...


Figures out to about $30/day in Euros and may be enough. Take about $50 euros with you and use your...

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How much money should I take to europe?

I'm planing on going to Europe (paris, nice, venice, rome ect.) in april, how much money do you think i should take with me? the whole trip is paid for so all i need is pocket money and such. im going for about 10 days...what would be a good amount?


I usually have a few euros for getting about eg going to toilets, small food purchases, buses and the...

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About how much does a trip to Europe cost?

If a couple of friends and I decided to take a trip to Europe and travel around for a about a month, around how much do you think this would cost us? we would be staying in hotels and inns im sure. Food would be a cost and of course the train tickets...


The cost depends on exactly where you're coming from, when you go, the kinds of places you stay and...

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I need help trying to find the cost of a trip to Europe?

For my 16th birthday (next year) I really want to travel to Europe. I couldn't find what I wanted to do for my (big birthday) but then I thought of what I always wanted to do...unfortunately a year before I turn sixteen. I make around 2,900-3,000$ a...


Look on and try some different destinations. Iceland (Reykjavik) is the shortest flight from...

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What kind of luggage to take inter-railing in Europe

In October we're going travelling around western Europe by train for several weeks and I need to buy some kind of luggage. I had thought that a ~35-45 litre backpack would be about right, sizewise and for portability. But I've heard from people with...


I say go with a backpack, without wheels, because wheels just add weight. I've done the kind of trip...

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