How much to charge for freelance graphic design?

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How much should I charge per design?

I need your opinions on my business prices. Currently I have these as my prices.... Display Pictures / Signatures: $10.00 / Design. Desktop / YouTube Wallpapers: $20.00 / Design. Team / Clan Logos: $25.00 / Per Hour. Video FX Development: $35.00 / Per Hour. The Team / Clan FX Pack: $80.00 / Pack. This Graphical Pack Includes...... - 1x Desktop & YouTube Background. - 1x Team Display Picture & Logo. - 1x Introduction Video. I am not a qualified graphics designer and I don't want to live of...


You can get the answer you need here from our large design community... Check out the 'Have a design...

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How much should I charge for this freelance graphic design job?

I have my first freelance job. Basically the client wants me to design a number of cards (she hasn't been specific yet but I think she wants a big range of like illustrated cards and a 7 page website (just the general design not coding and that) Could...


I would charge a base price before you begin, and then charge per hour. I charge $35/hr but that's because...

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How much to charge for graphic design freelance work?

Today I got hired for my first freelance project!! The guy wants me to create a 1/4-page flyer, a banner, and a poster. He is providing the artwork/text, I just come up with the layout. I am going to create a 4-up layout for the flyers, and whatever...


You may register at freelance website like and start bidding for all graphic...

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Whatever YOU can charge! If you are crap and unknown, do it for free. If you are good, but unknown,...

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How much should I charge for freelance graphic design in Phoenix & Tucson, Arizona.?

6 years experience. Lib Arts BAC focusing in visual arts from the University of Arizona. Current Adobe certifications also from the U of A.


Try sites like and and see how much other people...

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The answer to your question is actually in print. This is an excellent resource which I frequently use...

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I have a degree in Art with a concentration in graphic design. How much do I charge an acquaintance for design

I worked in the professional field of graphic design for 2 years. We charged $15 an hour I believe. I got out of that job and do something completely different. I've started doing photography on the side. A girl from high school (8 years ago) wants me...


$15 an hour is dirt cheap. In an agency setting, I was billed out at between $75 and $150 per hour ...

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How much would you charge for diverse graphic design related jobs for startup company?

I'm in the middle of working for my friends startup. So far I've been involved in plenty things. I wonder how much would someone charge for these jobs since I have no clue. SOme of the more important things I did was: - created and designed the entire...


Thanks for the ask. As Matt Ford has suggested, I'd ask for an equity stake. It's not out of your limits...

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How much should i charge for webdesign & graphic design service?

i've been doing webdesign and graphics deisgn since 15, meddling with adobe and products. now i'm currently studying at Art Institute of Las Vegas, major in Web Design and Interactive Media, taking my hobby as a career.. i would like to know how much...


You can also register at freelance websites like and bid for all graphic...

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How much should I charge for a photo shoot and additional graphic design?

Hi, I am starting to feel more comfortable in my photography abilities when it comes to portraits (for weddings, graduation photos, family photos, etc.) and I feel that I finally feel confident enough to charge a higher price. Also, the amount I'm charging...


Do you have repeat customers? If you jump from $50 to $150, expect to lose some. I would give repeating...

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