How did you get started in Graphic design?

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How do I get started in graphics design side of web design?

In past years I have learned the most important languages for web development (CSS, HTML, JS, PHP) and I can create good-structured sites. But an important part of web design is the images used for buttons, backgrounds, text, gradients... Also the main logo is a very important element in the layout of a website. However, I dont know how to get started in that side of web design for developing good looking websites. What tools should use for that purposes? Do you know good guides? I have read...


I'm certainly no pro, and probably not even very good myself, but I think one good way is to just do...

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How could I get started on graphic design from absolute scratch, assuming I've no background in drawing/sketching as such?

I go crazy when i see designs/artwork such as on this site Welcome to The Computer Graphics Society and would like to at least get started on it as a hobby. Gradually I would like to then move on to making 3D models for games and stuff. How do I start...


Well.... The most important thing you need to start out as a graphic designer is 1."Imagination...

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How do I get started in the graphic design industry?

I have my degree but its been hard to get work or interviews? Every job I see is asking for experience what can i do


Here is a neat trick, file this away and keep it to yourself... Creat a webpage that you can put some...

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Do you have any experience with graphic design? Do you know what in particular interests you or what...

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In general, what is the best way to get started in both web and graphic design?

No recent experience other than messing around with HTML/CSS and making random icons/pictures in Illustrator/Photoshop. (I'm leaning more towards graphic design than web design, but I really enjoy both).


Go spend a few hours at your local bookstore or library. The graphic design resources there are different...

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Web Design / Graphic Design Freelancers: Any tips on how to get started??

I need rates, I need forms, I need a website that's for freaking sure.... ANY Advice would be GREAT! :) Or how about a really good book?


Determining how much to charge for your services is often one of the biggest challenges for a new freelancer...

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How do I get started on car design? How do I become a car designer?

I am Masters student in industrial design and so have a little background on CAD and designing, but I want to get started on automotive design. I am not sure where to begin with. Will be helpful if someone could give some references. Thank you


Getting a degree or a masters degree in industrial or automotive design is the most common route I know...

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Can technical folks learn visual design? If so, where and how do I get started? Any tutorials, books, etc.?

I have been fascinated with the idea of Visual Design. More so after i started using iPhone and iPad. Its awesome. I have heard that technical folks cannot be great visual design guys. I still feel that might not be the case. Dont know if iam wrong....


You can approach learning visual design from a graphic designer or more from art director angle. The...

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How to get started in graphic design?

I'm 16 and I love to drawing, paint and take photographs. I would love to further my rang and lear how to do graphic design, how do I even start? What programs should I buy? What are some tips you could give me?


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How to get started on blog design?

I am an avid blogger, and I am really interested in starting some blog designing. I design my own blog now, but I'd really like to enhance my skills, and maybe someday do it as a small business. I guess I just don't know where to get started. What do...


You can start here: ... if you want more information just ask theres...

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