How to download APK from android market?

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How can I download an APK file from the Android Market?

How can I download an APK file from the Android Market to system or mobile?


You can use APK downloader. APK Downloader is a Google Chrome browser extension that lets you download...

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Is there a way to download Hootsuite.apk without Android Market?

Due to some stupid policies most of the countries in ME doest have access to official Android Market. Is there a mirror site that we can download and use the app?


You can use a third-party market like Appbrain.

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No, unfortunately you will not be able to update it from the Aoid Market. It is possible however, to...

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Android Market Update?

I'm trying to get the Market Update ( Google Play) For android, everytime I download the .APK file it says something about ''parsing'' I don't remember what it says exactly. I want to update my android market soo bad. How can I do this?


Restart your phone

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Somebody knows how to delete Google Play market in a android phone?

Hello guys, I installed Google Play market in my android phone and now I don't know how to delete it, I download the android market apk but there is a error, it's "The application can't be installed" I don't know what is it but please help...


Why? Doh! Android market is now Google play!

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How can i download apps that arnt in my app store on the android?

i have an experia x10 and i try going onto the app store to download apps but they arnt there. so i go on my internet and download it there on my phone that clearly says its for the droid. then i try opening it and it says "for security, your phone...


Click on the menu button on your phone. Click on Settings. Click on Applications. There should be a...

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What apps do you use to install apk files onto your Android device from computer directly(It's like click a button on your computer, and the apk get installed via USB, without sending the apk to the device and finish the installing manualy)?

Additionally, if the app you use is able to install apk onto your Android device, does it run a third-party market from which you can download apk installers of apps you like?


There's a kind of softwoare called IDE, and Android has a thing called ADT....OK, that's just a joke...

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Help with the android market please?

I have a samsung Infuse 4g that i rooted and bricked trying to rewrite the build.prop to droid 2 so i could download hulu off the android market (couldn't find any already spoofed hulu apk's on the internet) anyway I fixed it by downloading ODIN and...


The last paer means its not named update or its not signed I have never had those codes before but if...

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Why can't i download things for my android phone in the android market?

So my brother was the owner of rhis android phone before so his emails would be the ones that are asked whenever i download or stuffs at the android market and also some places but i dont know his password so i added another account in this application...


May be you are not registered member to download from there.

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If an Android app allows a user to download a 3rd party app store, does it violate the Android Market developer agreement?

"4.5 Non-Compete. You may not use the Market to distribute or make available any Product whose primary purpose is to facilitate the distribution of Products outside of the Market." The crux of the issue seems...


Since your app does not directly distribute GetJar, (or any other store app, for that matter), it is...

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