How To Download Apps For Android?

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How do i download apps from Android market on my impression 7 inch tablet with Android?

How do I download apps from the Android market on my impression 7 inch tablet?


You have to download google android market apk

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How can I download/move Android apps directly to my sd card?

I have Android 2.2 on my LG Optimus Me (Lg P350). I've downloaded some apps but apparently they were all download to the internal memory, witch is very little. Now it says I have low memory and this bugs me. How can I download apps directly to my sd...


It can be done, but it is a bit of a long process.…...

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How to download android apps?

hi!i just bought an ipad and unfortunately i cant connect to the internet as i dnt have a wireless router.i wanted to download android apps(android market) from my computer and then i would transfer it to my ipad.But,i cnt download the apps from my computer...


ipads can not use android apps

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How to download Android apps?

Hey there, I recently bought my first android.. My papa has refused to grant me internet access on the phone.. But i wish to download and install apps.. How do i do that? Also, could you please recommend some sites which offer Android apps? My phone...


U use ur nearest cyber cafe and go to and sign up here and u search android application and...

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How to download android apps to sd card easily?

So I recently bought an android smart phones and its a total piece of junk, ive never had something this trash in my hole life. First of all I can only download 2 apps before I run out of memory wth? How do you move the apps to the sd card? I have some...


Surprising that Android is troubling you. Anyway, Go to Settings. Choose Manage Applications. IN there...

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How to download apps 2 your Coby kyros MID1126-4G android tablet? for xmas i got an android tablet but it didnt come with the android market so evert time i go to the android market on my tablet it says that i have no android devices....... :( is there any way i can make my tablet be visible to the android...


You'd have to log onto the internet and click The GETJAR icon and it would prompt you on exactly what...

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How to download Android apps without data plan?

So im gonna get an android powered phone tomorrow(lg optimus)... and im not getting the data plan from t mobile. so im getting only unlimited talk and text but no data plan service... i wanted to know if i could connect to the interenet using wi-fi instead...


You can use wifi and downloaded them for free

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Look...i just got a zte chorus phone... it "said" android....but how the hell do u download apps?

there is no "market" instead it "storeffront" is that??? all u can get off that is wallpappers and games...i need GPS and i dont even kno how to get it....or if i even can for that matter. when i bought the phone i was informed...


try this site its great one

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How can i download apps that arnt in my app store on the android?

i have an experia x10 and i try going onto the app store to download apps but they arnt there. so i go on my internet and download it there on my phone that clearly says its for the droid. then i try opening it and it says "for security, your phone...


Click on the menu button on your phone. Click on Settings. Click on Applications. There should be a...

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How can I download apps on an android phone without a data plan?

I can access apps already on my phone but I can't download anymore. I have wifi. My sister got a new phone and we have the same old phone but she can download apps. Its the Samsung Galaxy S. And when I try to download an app when it stops it says package...


try turn off traffic data, then download from the google play store(android market) and see if it works...

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