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Will a bug bomb kill chiggers and other biting mites? How can I get rid of them indoors?

It does not list mites on the package, but I am hoping it will. I have an infestation in my bedroom and get bit every night for the past week, several times. They are extremely itchy and turn very red as soon as touched or scratched, becoming even itchier. They last for a week or two. This is driving me nuts! Help!!!


For best results special compounds should be used > Biting Mites > Non-chemical Control Chemical...

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How do I kill spider mites in my plants?

In each of my plants I have a large bug that looks like a crab or spider. There are also little white flea like critters in the plants. Are they related, and how do I kill them? They seem to kill the new growth on the plants first.


Spider mites are very small, usually invisible to the naked eye, they look like dust on the back of...

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How do mite removers kill mites?

How to chemicals like oxalic acid, exterminate mites?


OK, It`s estimated that ( 48200 ) species of mites have been detected on the planet ! OXALIC ACID (...

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How do i kill mites in a crested gecko enclosure?

Is there something i could use and also how do they appear?


Diatomaceous Earth (only food quality!!) This is the best natural way to get rid of mites. Bad for mites...

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Has anyone ever used ivermectin to kill ear mites in a dog's ear?

Our small dogs have been diagnosed by a vet with ear mites. He gave us Mita Clear to use on the dogs but I really hate pesticides so I've been using something I saw as a natural rememdy - heated baby oil. Anyway, I've read that ivermectin will kill ear...


i'm pretty sure you can use ivermectin for ear mites. if your vet thought it would work better i'm sure...

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Treating a dog simply requires application of any of a variety of medicines. Environmental treatment...

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Can i kill dust mites? If i can wat can i do to kill them?WORTH 10 POINTS!!!?

ok so i just saw pictures of dust mites and im scared now.Im freaking wondering what kind of ways can i kill them and if i can make anything to kill them so please help me im itching like crazy!!IT'S WORTH 10 POINTS for best anwsers


Dust mites will always be where you live, just like bacteria. The best thing you can do is maintain...

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Will moth balls kill mites?

A very sudden infestation of a form of white mites has occured in my basement. I first noticed them when I picked my laptop off the floor and saw dozens of them all over it. That is when I noticed them on pretty much anything that was on the floor. My...


yes and no..if the active inexpedient is paradichlorbenzine, this not only repels but kills insects...

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Will freezing mites kill them?

I noticed these little brown bugs in my snakes tank I think they're mites but they're only on the wood in my tank not on the snake but I always thought mites were black not brown so I took my snake out and put him in a spare tank and put the other one...


They are definetly mites cuz they hang aroun the wood But they will die by freezing them but even better...

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Where can I get the best deal for Pronto Kill Bedbugs And Dust Mites Spray - 10 Oz

Where can I find a really good deal online for Pronto Kill Bedbugs And Dust Mites Spray - 10 Oz


Pronto Plus Bedbug & Dust Mite Killer, Regular Size 10 oz (284 g) is at Amazon for $5.48 Pronto...

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