How to make a alkaline water machine?

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How much water and coffee needed to make 1 shot of espresso using a home machine?

The instructions on my machine are very confusing. On the glass carafe, it has markings for 2 cups and 4 cups. But, making 2 cups is more than a shot, which is supposed to be 1-1.5 oz, right? The 2 cup mark is like 5 oz of liquid. Should I cut back on...


So are you trying to make a single cappuchino, perhaps? I wouldn't try making a single cup of expresso...

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If I connect the cold water hose on my washing machine to the hot water pipe will it make a difference?

I have attempted to connect the cold water hose to the cold water pipe but for some reason I can't fully turn the little handle that switches the water on. The hot water handle more


I'm not sure if you have a hot and a cold feed to your machine or just a cold feed. If you have just...

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I need to make a simple water purification machine.?

I am doing an assignment for science and I have to make a simple device that purifies the water. He isnt measuring how much microbial activity is in it, hes measuring how much turbidity. And I'm not looking for a huge machine with iron and nails, and...


Here's one way--it combines simple distillation with filtration, all the major components are a pot...

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What will make the water in my washing machine work better with the soap?

I moved house and the water is either harder or softer, not sure which but the washing machine liquid I usually use won't wash the cloths clean. What shold I add to the water to make the soap work?


The water in your new house is harder than the old one. Get a water softener or use a borax based detergent...

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Yes it can be made at home without a machine. It does require the use of adding chemicals .

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Will putting my hoodie in the washing machine with hot water make it shrink?

i bought a hoodie in NY and it is too big. if i put it in the washing machine with hot water, will it make shrink?


I've been in the drycleaning business for a while and before that I worked laundry in a nursing home...

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What do you add to washing machine to make water clear? when i wash whites, there is an orangy stain on the?

clothes.there is something called red eye? that you add to the water to make water clear and whites whiter?


I use oxyclean as well as bleach in every load of whites. Check your washer the orange stain may be...

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Is it feasible to build a Machine to make sea water safe for drinking?

I would like to know if there would be a way to make sea water safe for drinking. And would this end the thought of running out of fresh water. And, or could it be used to irrigate more


Yes, they are doing this in Hawaii right now. They use reverse osmosis to take the salt out of the water...

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Is it possible to make a machine that separates oil, water and other stuffs?

I been following ABC and other news. I hear animals especially birds being clear off. Other creatures dying. Seeing oil spots floating on top of water. Allot businesses is being effected adversely. I heard there's a type bacteria that eats oil but no...



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Why does the weapons industry no longer make water-cooled machine guns? They're better than the aircooled ones?

The sustained rate of fire of air-cooled machine guns are less than a minute. A confrontation lasts more than one minute. Water is cheap anyways.


1. Water weighs about 7.5 pounds per gallon. That's as much as a loaded M-16 series rifle. And space...

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