How to make a competitive Yusei deck?

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Forum:Making Yusei's Deck Competitive in real life - Yu-Gi ...

Just wondering how to make a deck like Yusei's in the anime actually somewhat competitive. I understand that he is a cartoon character and he is going to get anything ...

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Can someone make a deck that will do good with Yusei as a partner and good without?

I want in the deck blue-eyes white/ultimate dragon red-eyes darkness metal dragon monter reborn dark bribe mirror force Stardust dragon shooting star dragon and something to go good with Yusei's deck for a tag team and without him


make a synchron deck. it works really well have good syncho and good synchron cards

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Constructing a powerful deck?

Yo i just got back into yugioh escpecially since i threw away my gx cards i know i shouldnt have disrespected my cards like that but im gonna start all over. yo can i get some advice from you pro duelists here is my deck how does it look. do i need to...


5/10 1. you have 50 cards, get it down to 40 2. it has no theme, try to stick to a theme that you like...

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What are good strategies that yusei used with his deck?

I've basically got almost all of Yusei's cards, my only question is what are some awesome strategies with his deck, like one from the shows. My cousin said that they keep their cards close together in order to make their strategies, so I plan on taking...


the anime is not the direction u wanna go,its all luck i think about it,always drawing the right cards...

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What cards do i need to make a "perfect" synchro deck ?

I have 5 synchro type card and among them is Stardust Dragon and have a bunch of tuner monsters as well what should I do with thoughts to make a perfect synchro. and I bought a 5D's Structure Deck that has some of yusei cards then the Tin can one with...


darkstrike fighter: burn EVERYTHING black rose: destroy EVERYTHING! stardust: stop EVERYTHING collossal...

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What deck should i base this on?

Should i use a jaden,yugi,yusei or yuma deck? P.S. Im basing not copiing so dont say make it who you are or any of that stuff i just want a straightforward answer.


None of these duelists are particularly good in my opinion, but if you want one of these, go for Yusei...

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Can you give me a good deck list for yu gi oh?

That involves cards that YUSEI FUDO USES thanks for the help i cant think of cards to make a deck similar to his


so what you are saying you want a synchro deck. Though there is no way that you can make a deck exactly...

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Rate my Yu Gi Oh deck?

I just bought a booster box of Duelist pack Yusei Fudo, and decided to make a deck based on the protagonist of 5D. Synchos(10): 2x Stardust Dragon 1x Armory Arm 2x Junk Warrior 2x Nitro Warrior 2x Turbo Warrior 1x Colossal Fighter Monsters(20): 3x Junk...


ya it looks ok, 7/10 but u could use some better spells. 5Ds has good monsters but not all the best...

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Trying to make a Flint Lock deck work- need advice?

So, I have attempted many variations on the Flint Lock Loop deck, but it keeps falling against one guy I play- who's deck is a XYZ(exceed i hear it called) beatstick basically I have many variations that have names- but the current one I'm running is...


There is no way to make the flint lock loop deck work against that card... Good luck!

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Which deck is better Yusei Fudo's deck, Jaden Yuki's deck, or Yugi Moto's deck?

i have 15 of yusei's cards i have had some of jaden's cards and e heroes and neo spacians are cool and yugi's deck was one of the first decks ive used the strategies are cool


None of their decks are actually the best of all the decks that can be made, just for the sake of the...

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