How to make a webshow that is not on YouTube?

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I want to make an awesome webshow on youtube any ideas to where i can make music and more awesome stuff?

i have a video camera a wii a dsi of course a computer whole bunch of ninja stuff like nunchucks a staff some escrema sticks and a couple of other stuff like one of my questions are how do make seperate videos with the same music going?


i use lime wire to get the music, then i use windows movie maker.

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The link provided with this message will provide you a video of ideas for a webshow video on YouTube...

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first you have to make a acont then you go to upload vidieos and serch your folders you have to take...

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How can you make a popular webshow?

Okaay me and my best friend want to make a webshow.. Can we put it on youtube? or is there somewhere else? and How can we make it popular?? Anyone have any ideas thanks :)


You can post it anywhere, I would suggest YouTube though aleast untill it gets really popular and then...

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Any good ideas for a webshow?

My best friend and i are makin a webshow but we need some ideas. we r going to make another one tomorrow December 19 so watch on youtube called the sammikk webshow if u give us some more


You should do a countdown to all the major holidays, or new films that are coming out that everyone...

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What should our webshow name be?

Hey me and my two other friends need a name for our webshow. Were already on YouTube, r username is 4119extreme check us out. We haven't done our show in a while but we really want to start again. Were all really random and weird so we need an awesome...


comment me and i will look at you

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I just want to start a little webshow with my friends how do i do that??

My friends and i want to start a webshow on youtube but what kind-of website should we make for everyone to look at you know like piczo??? myspace not allowed Thanks,D


Make your own site >>

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Any webshow ideas?HELP!!!?

Me and my sister make a webshow on youtube called "just us!' Maybe some of you have seen our videos. If you have you know that we havent made many episodes. Thats because we dont know what to do on the show,. Please help us. The person with the...


ME and my friend love to make videos to. If your name is Just us than i think one idea is just be you...

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My name is jocelyn and i need names for a webshow?

my name is jocelyn adn i want to make a funny webshow like icarly but i dont want to copy icarly lol so i need ideas and names for the show im making it on youtube so the best ideas get 10 points


The Jocelyn Show!! All the best, Jack! :)

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Help with my one-person webshow?

i wanna do a one person webshow.. similar to des and nate's idek, or shane dawson... but i haven't a clue what to talk about...what are some really funny topics, or random stuff to do? itll be on youtube, and i want it to actually make people laugh and...


well just look at my channel to see if u get any ideas we did even no we were gunna make a youtube page...

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