How to make dry curly hair really shiny, smooth, and soft?

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How can i make my hair really soft, silky and shiny?

Okay, so my hair has become really dull and dry looking, and it really sucks! I want my hair to be really soft silky and shiny. I've been using a good conditioner but it just won't work :( Someone please help me before i go completely insane because...


I know how you feel so you're not alone here! I went to Cosmetology and what you wanna do is go to a...

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I have really curly hair, and it gets dry and frizzy very fast.. how can i make it curly but looking nice..?

i use this stuff for my hair im not sure what its called but its like a gel type thing. it doesn't work so well and i don't want to damage my hair. are there any good hair products out there that actually have worked for other people??


Im mexican and black so my hair gets curly... I use -Musse -hairspray -and oilsheen Wha-la!! beautiful...

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One trick for soft shiny hair is a natural boar bristle brush. Its very gentle on hair&d will help...

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How to make my curly hair look smooth and soft?

My hair is curly and frizz I don't know what to do please help me


do straightning for hairs from a good beauty parlor

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How can I make my hair really curly & I have thick hair , & I plan on braiding my hair to the scalp to make it curly but (Read More)

I have A feeling it's not gone turn out the way I want it to , Btw im African American , I look on YouTube all I see is Mixed girls Latino girls ,& their hair is naturally curly so it's easy for them ,, that shows me but we don't have the same kind...


Professional hair salon, you're worth it and you get a deep conditioner. All braids even and tight.

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How can I make my hair really shiny? :D?

Hello (: I want to make my hair shiny, so I can wear it natural. I wash it with Herbal Essenses but it has a lot of chemical ingredients so I think it's damaging my hair more. My hair is sort of shiny but I want it shinier, and it also feels really dry...


use dove the gold kind for dry hair loreal' paris vive pro hydra gloss ~it will help ur hair! pantene...

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How to make my hair really curly ? ( pics included)?

My hair is straight not. My hair is natural, I don't get perm a perm in my hair. My hair is layers and its about her length. When i wet it gets wavy and one section is curly. i want my hair to be exactly like the girl ( on the right) .How can i get it...


french braid your hair and wear it like that for a day- and when you take it out the next day it will...

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How can I make my curly/wavy hair look conditioned, curls defined and shiny??? heeeelllllpp!!?

My hair is curly but not extremely curly..if i comb it out it will look like a road with speed bumps... if i leave it curly, it will look great whilst its wet but once dry it will look very very dry...and it will feel that way too... what can i use on...


-Read the book and visit the site below about curly hair. I did and my once horrible curly hair is now...

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I want to know how to make my curly hair silky and shiny. pls help. im in danger. i put some stuff in my hair and it made my hair really greasy. my friend was saying ur hair is greasy. and i dont want it like that. i want it not oily, not greasy,, i...


wash your hair well to get rid of the greasyness - repeat at least 3 times also for the silky shiny...

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