How to make naturally wavy hair curl?

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How do i make my hair curl, and make it stay?

i have pretty thick hair, that is naturally pin straight with a kink or two ocasionally.


I would suggest cutting some layers to add volume in layers all over your head. By using a product that...

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How do i make my hair like katy perry/40's style like Wavy not like curl , WAVES thick!?

and dont say curlers i have lots of curling iorns so tell me wat to do with them ! i know i know PINCURLS but seriously how do the stars do it FINGER WAVES IS WAT I WANT


my grandmother used to wear her hair like that i think u start when your hair is wet. take your hair...

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Any advice of what I can put in my naturally curly hair that will make it curl up, not poof?

Hi, I'm a 23 white female who has pretty much naturally curly hair already, like the bigger spiral kind, and I usually straighten it. But in the summer, with humidity and all, I would like to be able to wear it just naturally curly, I see girls wear...


My hair is naturally really curly too. its like the small curls that bounce even. lol but yeah what...

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How do I make my hair curl out?

Hi, im a guy and I was wondering how to make my hiar curl out. I have naturally straight hair and im sick of it. I want my hair to either be wavy or curl out at the end like a bunch of skaters do. What Iv heard is that you are suppost to get a flat iron...


Yes it is true, just straighten your hair out and then flip out the end.

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How to curl defiantly straight hair and make it last?

My hair is so straight that even if I curl it all the way up until I look like sherley temple it will fall straight within a couple hours. I have given up on the idea of curling my hair because it is a waste of my time. I have hot rollers but I can't...


Use a flat iron to curl. Technique: put the end of your chosen piece of hair in the flat iron. Roll...

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How to loosely curl your hair but not make it bushy?

My hair touches the bottom of my shoulder blades and there's LOTS of it. It holds curl well, but I can't seem to figure out how to get a loose curl going on. Because I have so much hair, it tends to get bushy. How do I create a loose curl and not make...


wash and blow dry your hair then spray a light layer of hairspray over the top of you hair, before curling...

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How do you curl your hair to make it look like Vanessa Hudgens' and Brenda Song?

Before Vanessa Hudgens cut her hair, it was really long and she would have her hair loosely curled, but it wasn't exactly like spiral curls. I was wondering what type of curlers or anything to make it look like that. I have long hair almost down to my...


i guess this is the kinda hairstyle ur talkin bout on vanessa..

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Try using hot rollers, you can also add gel or hairspray before and after. Don't use a lot of gel though...

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I got black folk hair is there anything i can use 2 make it look naturally curlly w/o lookin like a jerry curl

i got regular black people hair b/c im black (duh) but i want it to look as if i have a mixed people curl without it lookin like a jerry curl and without put in tracks b/c i hate tracks.


Girlfriend you've got me laughing over here.. regular black people hair.. but yeah I know what you mean...

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Wash your hair as usual but use half the amount of conditioner that you would normally use. Towel dry...

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