How to make my hair curly naturally?

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How to make hair naturally curly again?

When I was younger , I had extremely beautiful curly coily hair . However , I was tender-headed , and my hair would often tangle , so my mother proceeded to texturize my hair . The texturizer tamed my hair for the meanwhile , but my mother grew tired...


you have to wait for it to grow again to the natrual texture. because my mom did that to my hair to...

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How to make my naturally straight hair curly?

My hair is naturally like stick straight how can i make it curly or wavy because mousse doesnt really work in my hair it just makes it frizzy so how do i make my hair look naturally wavy or curly ?


Yeah but white eyeliner? White eyeliner looks kinda creepy... But yeh that seems pretty good. I only...

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How can i make my hair look like its naturally curly?

I want my hair to look like it is naturally curly but it is pretty much naturally wavy and I don't like it. I don't want to get a perm or anything like that to damage my hair, I don't want to use a curling iron or fat iron either, I just want it to look...


First, clarify your hair. I like to use a baking soda wash and a vinegar rinse to do this. It's better...

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How can i make my hair reaaaally naturally curly?

my hair used to be curly and wavy but its recently got so straight. I wash my hair before i go to bed every night and wanted to know if i could do anything to make it look naturally curly for the next day? i dont really like putting it in plaits cause...


There is the scrunching method which is really easy and uses no heat, but that's optional. What you...

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How can I make my hair curly naturally?

first of all I'm a guy and I have naturally curly hair but I have to let it grow out long for the hairs to start curling up. I keep my hair short and it looks straight but I want to make it curly when it's short. My hair is like at a 5 right now. I don...


there are natural curl shampoos that make your hair dry curlier (i think they have that for guys, i...

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Naturally straight hair- how can I make it curly or wavyish?

I have naturally dark brown/black hair straight hair. My hair almost never holds in styles, unless I put a bunch of hair gel and mousse-which I hate having in my hair, and pretty much refuse to use. Anywho, I have always loved wavy hair, but everytime...


Mmhh I say: -Wet your hair alittle -Put ALITTLE mousse in it -Braid ur hair into 4 braids -Let the braids...

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How to make hair look naturally curly overnight? without heat? make hair look like that kinda. i have curly/ wavy hair and want it it be more curlier and look a lot more natural. without heat though! thank you


watch this. it actually works.… she does great makeup...

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How to make my naturally nappy,dry, and curly hair more moisturized.

ok i`m mixed and i have naturally nappy,dry, and curly hair.. the only way i can keep my hair moisturized is if i take a shower twice a day and constantly shampoo and put conditioner in my hair. is there any easier way to keep it moisturized? also i...


You can make your naturally nappy dry and curly hair moisturized by applying oil. In addition, ensure...

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How can I make my hair naturally curly? PLEASE HELP!!!!?

I know its a stupid question...but my hair is naturally...wavy/straight..My mother calls it "italian hair", meaning, its mostly straight, but its frizzy and has a few weak waves in it... Is there ANYTHING that I can put in it that will make...


There's really no way to have naturally curly hair, it's something you have to be born with. However...

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How can you make your naturally curly hair curly, but not stiff?

I have long, curly/wavy hair. I typically just put gel & hairspray in it and walk out the door. But it gives it that stiff, wet look. How can I still achieve the curliness without it being stiff/wet looking?


I use Pantene shampoo and conditioner for curly hair and Pantene leave in conditioner for curly hair...

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