How to make videos to put into YOUTUBE?

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How Do You make videos and put them up on youtube?

i want to upload videos on youtube and their not from my camera i want to do somthing that has like pichuress fromm tha internet n stuff . . so how do i do it? help? =]


You should have a program called WIndows Movie Maker if you're on a PC. You can import pictures and...

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How can I make youtube videos downloadable to MP4 files so I can put them on my android phone?

I know about but that is making the audio of the video downloadable. anyone know how to make a youtube video MP4 file downloadable? so I can watch it on my phne?


Simply type youtube to mp4 on google I did the same thing just the other day

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How do I make YouTube videos smaller that I've put on my MySpace?

I've got a video I want to put in my 'Heroes' section. How do I make it smaller?


Change the embedded numbers like 350 to 250 or 460 to 360.

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How to make videos cool enough to put on youtube...?

like nigahigas. or this one… his are edited. please something free. nothing i have to buy. what about Windows Movie Maker? does that work? if so, how do you do it?


Try watching other youtube video, especially the tutorials about moo-be maker. Learn them really well...

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I cant find out how to put videos from youtube to imovie to make a two minuite movie...?

and also how to put slides from Powerpoint onto iMovie also


For a power point you need to get Hyper Cam for free and record the power point slides they put them...

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How to make and put my own videos on YouTube ?

Okay so I tried windows movie maker it was all good but when I tryed to upload it onto YouTube it said the format wasn't supported…did this happen to anyone else and can anyone please help me ?thankyou so much


if you want to record something that is on the screen without putting a camera infront of the screen...

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You could use Microsoft Movie Maker if you have a PC, otherwise you might use VideoPad trial with the...

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I want to make videos to put on youtube, but with a web cam on my laptop?

hi im a 13 year old girl and i want to put vidios on youtube, like parodys and music videos. i want to do this by using a webcam built in a laptop, is this a good idea? what laptop is best for this? do i have do download a program on the laptop for this...


Hi! You can easily do it and do not need any downloading. But the inbuilt camera in your laptop will...

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What is a good website where I can make youtube videos and put cool effects on them? Not just the basic ones:)?

I need some help cause my friend and I are having a competition on who can make the best youtube video with the best effects and I really want to win! So can you please help by giving more

Answer: -----or for easier way.... This will help you.... movie maker has video effects.. built...

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What kind of videos should I make to put on youtube?

I was thinking of uploading some music videos but I don't know if they will get many views since they are usually posted by someone else. Any suggestions?


go with anything you like. and i think music videos are a good idea. but they might get taken off.

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