How to profile "native code" in Android?

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Not able to profile android native code

I am trying to optimise native code. I tried using Debug.startMethodTracing() and Debug.stopMethodTracing(). But its profiling only java functions, its not profiling the native code. The native call that we do from java code is just displayed for that time, the internal native calls are not being displayed. I built the native library in debug mode, even then i am not able to profile the native code. In stackoverflow i got these links, but these are also not much useful for me, please help me in...


But its profiling only java functions, its not profiling the native code. Correct. That is all Traceview...

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I have the complete source code of my Android device. How can I make my internal phone memory/SD card be used as a swap space in my Android phone to increase performance on low RAM?

I have complete source code for my Android phone. What I need is to allocate space from SDcard or Internal Phone memory to be used as swap space for Android. I know its there in Linux, but how can I port the same in my Android device. What could be the...


XDA developers Solution. 1.- Root your device  2.- Make a swap partition in your sdcard (this step will...

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When i use profile editor on myspace it says my profile contains some CSS code how do i get rid of it?

when i use profile editor on my myspace it says my profile contains some CSS code which can effect the way images show up on my profile. how do i get rid of the CSS code?


delete all ur codes and start over

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How much GPL licensed code is included in the Apache v2 licensed Google Android?

Having now audited the code of some Android source code distributions made available by OEMs, it was interesting to see that they include quite a lot of GPL-licensed code. This obviously does not mean the whole of Android should necessarily be licensed...


Some notes on how to explore this: 1. Check out Android source -- see for instructions...

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How do I hide a profile layout code on my VampireFreaks profile?

I got a layout off of Dolliecrave and pasted it into my Profile section but the actual code shows up on my profile. Is there just a general hide code? like an INSERT HERE kinda code?


Does the code show up instead of the layout? If so then the layout you are using is not a VF layout...

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What is the correct way to import the Android source code into Eclipse to start working?

I have tried these three ways. But they result in errors and different layouts of folders with each way. 1. Create an empty java project. Properties>Java Build Path>Source>Link Source>Android folder path. 2. File>new>java project...


You basically need below files in you root project folder for eclipse to recognize Android project perfectly...

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What's the best IDE setup to work with the Android source code?

I am not referring to browsing source code for an android application.I am referring to browsing the android source code itself (i.e. I've already looked at It only works with...


Install CDT on Eclipse to add support for C/ C++. Google for a how-to. The basic setup is such that...

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What would happen if I copy an open app's source code and publish it as my own? (Android)

So, recently I found out there are a great deal of very successful Android app's who have simply put out their wonder product's source code for the world to see. These are on websites like, (SVN), github... etc I was thinking what would happen...


no, not at all... all thanks to it being an open source! for example, i get to have a software(open...

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Are there tools for converting native Android development code to cross platform code?

We had explored the idea of building our app to be cross platform using appcelerator a few years back, but didnt go through since it was still nascent back then and the experience we wanted had to be native. But now since the web tech has picked, we...


I have been an Android developer for quite some time now, but I am not aware of a tool which cross compiles...

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How do I post my custume created code to my profile in Vampire Freaks? Where at in my profile?

Below is what it says: (Your custom code is below. Make sure you have the OLDSKOOL Profile Template selected and copy and paste the code into your profile. If you left any fields blank on the generator you may still need to fill in bits of info.) Thank...


Go on your account and go to you homepage, in every computer program there is a button that says upload...

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