how to perform certain code on specific time in android?

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How to perform certain code on specific time in android?

how to perform or run certain set of code on specific time. where to write that set of code. for ex. on 22.4.2012 morn 8am i want show a toast pls give sample code thaxz in advance


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Vba code

QUESTION: Expert Mr. Tom Ogilvy refered me to you. I have following code to copy range and paste inand bring to Outlook. Could you advice the same in MS Word(If you can make copy -Paste special-Bitmap it would be better). I would really appreciate if...


Tom has also been in touch with me to give me more detail on what your plan is - I would SUGGEST setting...

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Can someone run this code for me? My computer won't run it.?

include <stdio.h> double powern (double, unsigned); int main () { double sum = 0.0; unsigned i; for ( i = 1; i <= 200000000; i++) { sum += powern (i, i % 5); } printf ("sum = %g\n", sum); return 0; } double powern (double d, unsigned...


do not know sorry...

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Android Update Infrastructure

I'm thinking about replacing my current mobile phone with an Android device and I'm having a hard time understanding how the Android update / security patch infrastructure for the core system is supposed to work. I understand how this works on, let's...


I don't have specific references off the top of my head here...feel free to skip my post if those are...

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Are there any research papers about effects of writing documentation and commenting code on software quality, maintainability, and team productivity?

I am an advocate of commenting on source code and documenting software products. It is my personal experience and observation that working on source code that is rigorously commented has helped me in different ways when I have had to grow software or...


I have always found writing documentation results in cleaner, better-constructed code because you have...

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What would happen if I copy an open app's source code and publish it as my own? (Android)

So, recently I found out there are a great deal of very successful Android app's who have simply put out their wonder product's source code for the world to see. These are on websites like, (SVN), github... etc I was thinking what would happen...


no, not at all... all thanks to it being an open source! for example, i get to have a software(open...

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I'm having trouble with my eclipse android emulator?

so i have installed android emulator on my eclipse (i have a windows 7 OS) and every time i try to run this simple program in android emulator, all it does it just say "ANDROID" and wont do anything else :( what am i doing wrong? code: package...


I don't think it's because of your app. If your app was wrong you would still see the android home screen...

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Final code ready to enter

QUESTION: Isaac, It would not allow me to do another follow up. I am about to enter the final code. Can you just review it one last time to make sure it all looks right. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Application.ScreenUpdating ...


Wow, I'm definitely confused. I guess I don't run into this much because usually when I useto run reports...

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Is there any way to add one time redeemable codes for a single Android title in Play (or any other major Android market)?

I'd like to be able to create a paid Android application, then be able to sell a unique code at a physical location that would allow the downloading of just that one title from the store.  So, not a Play gift card, the code is just for one time use for...


I don't work for Google, but if you want them to provide the Play market and security for your app,...

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