How to transfer a video from a camera to a PC?

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Transferring videos from Sony Video Camera to PC via USB connection

I have a Sony video camera (DCR-TRV340e) and loads of video tapes that I like to transfer to my PC. The camera has USB connection and I've loaded its driver with no problems. Which video software do you recommend me to use? I want to have my videos in XviD format with maximum 1 GB for a 1 hour film. How much time does it take to do that for a 1 hour film? Should I use USB connection or another type of connection? Detailed information about connection and software settings would be highly appreciated...


Your best bet would be to use the software that came with your camera, and, if the supplied program...

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How can I transfer the video from my JVC digital video camera to my Toshiba PC?

I am using the software that came with the camera Pinnacle Studio 9. Whenever I try to capture the video, it comes up with an error that says : "Capture device initialization error. Pinnacle Studio is trying to initialize a DV or Digital 8 camcorder...


Does your PC have a PCMCIA slot or an express card slot?? If it does just buy a firewire card and that...

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Video file on camera too large to transfer to PC, how can I make it shorter?

I have about an hour and a half long video on my digital camera &it won't let me transfer it onto my PC because the file size is too large. I'm frustrated because I only want the first 2 minutes of it. Is there any way or a program I can use that...


Can you provide more details of what sort of camera, PC and operating system you're using, please. Also...

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How do I transfer video from my video camera to the pc?

If anyone knows how to do this please answer. I need help. I have a Digital Video Camera Recorder mini. I don't know how to put my recorded video to the pc.


You must have USB connector for video and PC.

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How do I transfer videotape from my video camera to my PC?

I have a Canon ZR800 (NTSC) digital video camera that uses miniDV video cassettes. How do I copy the footage from the cassette to a PC or laptop? My employer does this when I send the tapes to him but I would like to be able to do this first, before...


for record keeping purposes, DvD wud be fine. videos normally are in large files such that if these...

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How come when I transfer videos from my video camera to a pc the quality turns to rubbish ?

I can plug my camera into my tv and the quality's really good. But when I transfer my videos to my pc the quality goes down the drain. I cant use the software supplied with the camera as its not compatible with windows 7, so what I do is just drag and...


With out knowing the make model of the camera its impossible to help, anything else will be a guess...

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How can i transfer video footage from a 1997 video camera model to my PC?

It's a Sony CCD TR506E PAL video cam. And only has the red, white and yellow connection cable. I know it's totally outdated, but i still have footage i'd like the put on DVD. Please, please, pretty please! Can anyone help me out?


EasyCap is a device/program that will let you import from your camera or VCR into your PC. It works...

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How do I transfer a video form my digital camera to my pc?

camera is an hp photosmart m425. I know how to upload the photos. But the video isnt transferring how do I fix that?


i like your pic lol

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Transfer video from sony dcr-hc28 camera to pc?

I need to transfer video from my camera to my pc. The camera has a dv port on it. Can I transfer it using usb? I know the quality isnt best but i only need a one minute commercial for school. My pc doesnt have firewire and I dont want to spend the mony...


Uh, NO.

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What would be the best economical video camera to buy to make it easy to transfer video to your PC?

I'm looking to buy an economical video camera that is probably around 500 dollars. I just want a camera that makes it easy to transfer your video to your computer and still keep the great video quality so that I can edit it with Vegas Movie Studio and...


For 500, you can get a really nice camcorder. Really you just want to make sure that you buy a MINI...

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