How to update a python package?

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How do I update a Python package?

I'm running Ubuntu 9:10 and a package called M2Crypto is installed (version is 0.19.1). I need to download, build and install the latest version of the M2Crypto package (0.20.2). The 0.19.1 package has files in a number of locations including (/usr/share/pyshared and /usr/lib/pymodules.python2.6). How can I completely uninstall version 0.19.1 from my system before installing 0.20.2?


You might want to look into a Python package manager like pip ( If you don...

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What is the best Python SOAP client library which still update?

I want to write a Python client code to consume a web service through http/soap protocol. But seems most Python SOAP library has not been updated for a long time. Is there a library support WS-Security still update? BTW, it must support Python 2.7.


suds. It's used by the official Google ads API client, so you can expect it to be supported for a long...

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Should i update to Service package 3 ? Or should i keep 2 ?

I have Windows Xp Professional and i was wondering whether i should update to SP3 (service package 3) I heard its generally good but i am not sure whether i should, which service package is better , 3 or 2. In your opinion should i update ? Most helpful...


Usually an update is always for your benefits. I recommend installing it

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Does tracking update if I refuse a package that was delivered/signed?

I signed a USPS package with signature confirmation by accident. I marked "REFUSED" on the package and dropped it off at the post office. The tracking shows "DELIVERED" and my question is whether the tracking will update to show that...


It might and it might not. Your mistake was in not seeing it scanned as refused by someone at the post...

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Will Amazon update the status of my package?

I ordered a package on Amazon UK that was estimated to arrive between the 18th and the 24th. It's the 30th and I still haven't gotten it. The status of the package is "Dispatched", which I know means that it was sent. However, I bought it in...


in the states we can go to 'track' it and it usually shows each time its scanned at a location and sent...

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What is the best Python package for working Cellular Automata?

I am looking for a Python library, package or module to work with Cellular Automata. A package in which I can implement the rules and run the simulation. It would be also great if it has NumPy features too.


Not a library per se, but might I suggest this superb guide from the the "Think Complexity"...

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4 days and no package update?!?

Track History Date Time Location Description Retail Location Signatory Name 2011/09/03 01:18 International item has left the origin country and is en route to Canada 2011/09/03 01:16 International item processed in origin country 2011/09/02 13:49 ...


Post offices are notoriously bad at updating. In the USA, it won't update between the time they accepted...

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No update and USPS package should be here today?

I'm suppose to be getting my package i bought off of Ebay today, but i have no update on where the package is. Last one was when it was in CA on March 1st.


USPS tracking SUCKS. Just try to figure out when USPS locations around you close and keep an eye out...

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When is it a good idea to release your python code as a package?

I have some Python code to do some basic mining and visualization of social networks, then I am not sure if I should release it as a package or keep as a simple application. My purpose is to share it as some people are asking me to use it.


Short Answer:  When its ready! 1. If  your are looking for other peoples input, put it on Github. 2...

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How do I change the build path for the Mac OS X default Python package?

OSX 10.6 When you type "python" into terminal, it chooses this package, how would one change this?


Your best bet is to do an alternate install of Python so that both versions can function together. You...

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