I want to add or delete in the tool bar.

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I want to delete and add buttons from my yahoo tool bar, but it wont let me?

i just got new computer, in my old one i was able to add buttons to my yahoo tool bar, and delete the ones i didnt want, but in this one, when i go to my settings it wont even show the buttons that are up there in the little box on the right for me to...


It sounds like you have a bad toolbar installation. Close Internet Explorer. Find Yahoo toolbar in add...

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How do I add and delete tool bar info I want?

I want to add auto fill to my toolbar but how do I do it!


do u mean uninstall if u mean that than go to control pannel and click on unistall a progranm and choose...

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Why can't I add or remove buttons from my Yahoo! tool bar? The "Save Changes" button does not work.

I am trying to add a HotJobs button to my Yahoo! tool bar. I found the HotJobs button in the list of All Buttons and click add. It appears on the right side as being added. But when I click on "Save Changes" nothing happens. Also, I want to...


I suggest you uninstall the Y! toolbar and then re-install. Close IE, goto add or remove programs and...

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All i want to do is add History to my tool bar and it does not giveme that options. So how can i add it?

Under tools there is no history to add and I have tried everything to add it to my tool bar that is showing.


If you have a gold star on the left of the toolbars, click that, your history might be there. On mine...

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How can i add/delete buttons on the browser tool bar?

how can I delete/add buttons on my yahoo tool bar?


Browser toolbar----Right click a blank space in that area and click "customize". Here you...

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"Start" / "Control Panel" / "Add or Remove Programs". Brings up a list...

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I'm not sure what you mean by "add" to comcast toolbar. The Yahoo! toolbar is supported for...

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I want to add HP printer to yahoo Tool bar on line?

I want to add HP Officejet Pro 8500 Premier toYahoo on line Tool Bar


To restore the printer icon Right click a blank space on the toolbar, a d click command bar or Left...

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I want to get back my tool bar that has file and delete in it . I can not save anything .?

I need to get back the tool bar that has file ,delete,and save in it. I do not know what else to ask. Kibbles


It sounds like you're referring to Internet Explorer's Menu Bar. It's the one that has: File Edit View...

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Need a answer to how to delete add ons from my Yahoo tool bar! The last answer is not working!?

I tried to where the gear wheel is located & it asks me to log in as I am already logged in. Yahoo correct this if you can! Never mind I'll just uninstall Yahoo tool bar!


You are not contacting Yahoo! by asking a question on Yahoo! Answsers. Yahoo! doesn't read this stuff...

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