Is it possible to transfer video tapes to my computer?

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Is it possible to transfer video tapes to the computer?

I have a video camera thats about 4 years old which uses the small box-shaped tapes. is there any possible way to put these tapes onto my computer? what kind of cord do i use to connect my videocam to my computer?


yes you can use the cord but the easiest way is to use a digital camera. Its much easier and looks way...

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Digital video records on tapes...transfer to computer?

i have a jvc mini digital video camera, and it records on tiny tapes. i want to get the videos on the tapes to my computer, and there seems to be a small, potential usb port beneath the battery pack. is it possible? also, the camera only records about...


The "potential usb port" is probably a firewire port - digital video cameras that use tape...

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I have old tapes from an 8mm video recorder and VHSC how can I transfer them to computer W/O camera working?

I have 8mm and VHS-C tapes from years ago and those two camcorders no longer work. Is there a product I can buy to transfer the video to my computer to put on DVD?


Check out StashSpace.Com they are an online video conversion company that can put your 8mm and VHS tapes...

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How do I transfer old video tapes to my computer?

I need to get old videos off of a video tape onto the computer. CVS can transfer old tapes to DVDs, but cost 40 dollars and takes 3 weeks to get there. I need a cheap and quick way more


Are they VHS or analog tapes? **If you have an analog (VHS) camcorder… You need an analog converter...

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How do you transfer footage from a video camera (tapes) to a computer?

so i went to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park last week for a ghost hunt. my first one, actually! i caught some AMAZING stuff, but the camera i had was a gift from my aunt that she got 4 years ago but could never figure out how to use it. the camera uses...


Hi dear, Be cool, it is not so difficult to transfer your data from camcorder tape to your computer...

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How can I transfer my camcorder video tapes to a DVD on my computer?

I have a lot of video tapes from my Sony camcorder that I want to transfer to DVD. How can I do this?


If it's not a digital camcorder (analog tape), you'll need a video capture card installed in the computer...

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How can I transfer my old VHS tapes to my computer? I have lots of video-plugs in the side of my computer but?

The last time I checked (about 5 years ago) you had to buy a converter box which took in a coaxial, or RCA inputs (red, white, yellow). I'm hoping that there's now a $5 cable from radio shack that has on one end S-video and one end Red/White/Yellow and...


Not much demand for video INput to a computer, so as someone said, the connectors are most likely outputs...

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Can I transfer video from vhs tapes directly to my computer?

Basically I'm asking can I connect a camcorder, that uses those old school big vhs tapes, to my computer in order to store the video on my pc. Which of course I would then burn more


You can easily do this with StashSpace.Com They specialize in converting home movies and video storage...

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I need to transfer my VHS-C tapes to a computer to edit and put on DVD, but i no longer have the video camera?

All i have is the VHS-C and the VHS shell adapter, as in the VHS that you put the little VHS-C tapes into. They are all tapes i had since i was young and i would like to get them onto my Apple Mac and then edit in Imovies. Is there somewhere in the UK...


Doesnt the VHS shell adapter let you play them on a standard VCR? You'll need to buy a USB capture dongle...

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I Have 8mm video camcorder how can i transfer my video cassete tapes to my computer?

most sites is saying connect threw a firewire but when i look at mycamera..i doesnt see a place where it can connect to the computer? can anyone help me and i have a dell dimension 3000 with no firewire built in


Here's a helpful guide:… see Section 3. Analog video...

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