Should I become a Physician or Physician Assistant?

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Can someone who has a physician license become a physician assistant?

Can someone who has an M.D. and a fully experience physician........become a physician's assistant? Can they do that if they have not graduated from a physician assistant more


If they have an MD, 1.why would they need to go to a pa program?.. they should already know more than...

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You don't have to become a Paramedic. Just do the EMT class and get whatever hours of patient contact...

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How to become physician assistant ?

i'm a high school junior and i want to become a physician assistant. i'm interested in going to UGA (university of georgia) but they don't have a physician assistant program. can i just go there (UGA) to get a bachelor's degree and then transfer to another...


Yes it is VERY possible.

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What are the educational & work experience requirements to become a physician's assistant?

I am currently working on my bachelor's degree at a university, majoring in Psychology, B.S, minoring in english, B.A. What are the other requirements needed if I aspire to become a physician's assistant? Is there a particular graduate school I need...


it is Physician Assistant, no 's after physician...and you have to complete an accredited Physician...

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Trying to become a physician assistant and EMT.. 10 pt. for best answer!! Advice please!!?

I want to become a physician assistant. This summer I plan on getting my EMT certification so I can volunteer on the ambulance and get some experience while Im in school. I currently go to Indiana University, but they do not have a physician assistant...


Most PAs have a Master's level education - they go to PA school for two years after they graduate with...

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To become a dermatologist assistant, would I need a medical assistant degree or a physician assistant?

I want to to go to school to become a dermatologist assistant, but I'm still pretty confused on the process. I've read that I need a physicians assistant degree, but other more


That depends entirely on what the dermatologist wants them to do. The MA is an unlicensed, short program...

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Can i become a physician assistant with a ged?

hello im 22 yrs old female...i dropped out in 10th grade but im currently getting my ged..i work as a medical assistant right now but my passion is to become a physician assistant i work side by side with both doctors and pa's so ive learned Alot about...


Yes, you can. You'd start with a bachelors degree in something and the premed classes, and then a masters...

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Should I go for PA (physician assistant) or become an actual DOCTOR?

I was thinking of going with my plan to apply to PA programs after I finish college, but is it worth it? I mean, a physician assistant is EXACTLY like a doctor except you don't have your M.D. and its basically like you're the doctor's little "puppet...


to find your grade you take (points earned)/(total points) Thus 128.5/270 = 47.5% Better get your grade...

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Can you become a medical doctor or physician assistant through apprenticing instead of going to medical school?

What if you learned everything about medicine through private study? Is this possible, in today's age of online learning and private educational products? I'm mostly interested in whether you can become a physician's assistant through apprenticeship...


in order to sit for the. exams, you have to prove graduation from an accredited program.

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How to become a Physician Assistant?

Okay, so I'm a senior in high school and have entertained the idea of being a nurse or possibly a physician. However, I was turned away from becoming a physician due to all of the years of schooling and residency. I was also considering nursing, but...


If you want to major in nursing, the graduate program you'd want is a Nurse Practitioner program. They...

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