There is a line on my laptop screen, how do I get rid of it?

Let’s learn there is a line on my laptop screen, how do I get rid of it. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I have a white horizontal line across my laptop screen how do i get rid of it?

my laptop is an acer ferrari 1000. model no :ZH3. thanks


with a magic marker, duh

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This is most likely a faulty laptop screen. A good computer shop should be able to replace broken parts...

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Get your laptop repaired. This is a defect in one of the column drivers in the LCD screen. This is a...

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I get a vertical line on my laptop LCD screen only when I press on the bottom left edge. Is this a problem?

Mine is a new laptop of almost 6 months and do I need to show it for service before the line becomes permanent. As of now I am okay with it and if I do not press on the edges there is no line visible


I would advice not to touch your screen.....LCD screens must be looked after carefully or u might spoil...

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If the line is constant then it is probably a hardware problem that requires repair. If the line changes...

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Laptop screen problem?

Well it happened one month ago,i accidently poured water on my gateway laptop screen and then came into the laptop by the internal speakers,i broke the cover of the speakers and the water slipped from the screen to inside the speakers then it turned...


Would you pour water inside you phone and or flat screen TV and expect it not to short out ? Replace...

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Laptop problem: dotted line horizontally on screen?

I got a new Acer Aspire 4752g recently and it was a perfect laptop. Runs great but earlier when I turned on my laptop there was a dotted line across the screen, each dot was as small as a pixel. I took a screenshot of my screen and pasted in paint and...


This is likely caused by the display signal connector inside the laptop coming unseated. This can happen...

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Lines on my laptop screen?

I have a HP laptop about 2-3 years old. A while back a small vertical blue line appeared on my screen from the top running to the bottom. I did not pay much attention to it at first because I could still see and access everything. A few weeks later the...


If you have one... plug an external monitor into the laptop and see if the lines appear on that monitor...

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Why does my laptop screen go blank, not come back?

Why does my computer screen go blank? ? I have an IBM think-pad and the screen goes blank if i move the screen a millimeter & now if I move the computer at all it usually goes blank. No key will bring it back, is there something I don't know about...


You should try asking here. They offer Live Help for any computer...

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