How do i get rid of lines on my screen?

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If the lines are always in the same place, then it's probably because the screen is scratched badly...

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How do I get rid of colored lines on my TV screen?

There's two vertical lines, a blue one and a red one, on the left-hand side of my TV screen. I use my TV mostly as a computer monitor. It's an LG plasma screen (i can't remember the specific inches). I was wondering if there was a way to get rid of them...


Have it repaired under warranty.

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How do I get rid of these lines that show up on-screen with my PS3?

I've been having picture problems with my PS3 lately. It has these lines that show up on screen, just sort of hazy vertical lines that move from right to left across the screen, and lately there's been a horizontal bar of static fuzz that moves from...


Buy a hdtv that has 1080p . Then buy a hmdi cable = no problems

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How do i get rid of lines on laptop screen?

i know what causes it [from answers i got last time] but i still don't know how to fix it. it was from closing my laptop too much before shutting down or logging off. the lines look like static on a tv screen, and pop up randomly i have used my laptop...


Take it to a computer shop and ask how much it will cost to get the data cable replaced. I've got the...

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how do I get rid of these horizontal lines on my phone's screen?

i dropped my phone today and when I turned it on, these horizontal lines were on the bottom half on my screen. I tried turning I off and back on but that didn't help. Taking it to the store is not an option so is there a way I can do it at home? thanks...


You get rid of them by having a new screen installed. Sorry :-(

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How can I get rid of the two lines going straight up on my monitor screen? They won't stop!!!?

I have two lines constantly moving up on my screen and they wont stop. I have tried changing the outlet and made the monitor connected to the power socket itself, I have restarted my computer, PLEASE HELP ME OUT I REALLY NEED HELP!!!!!!!


You don´t. You didn´t say if they´re vertical or horizontal, nevertheless, there isn...

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How do i get rid of all these lines on my laptop screen ?!?

my laptop has a bunch of skinny lines like stripes all over the screeen. i can barely even see what im typing! its really annoying. and only about 2 cm. on the very top is all clear without the lines. what do i do?


are the lines there all the time, from when the computer first boots up until windows has loaded ? if...

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How do I get rid of annoying diagional lines on the TV screen?

I just started getting faint diagonal lines on my analog tv which is hooked up to cable with the cable lines going into a dvr and amplifier which was coming in clear for years. more


You have outside signal leaking into your cable. Since it happened after you unplugged, it's probably...

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How can I get rid of "vertical lines" on my laptop screen?

There are a few vertical colored lines on the screen of my laptop and I wanted them to go away.


turn it on it's side, then they are horizontal

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How can i get rid of horizontal lines on my laptop screen ?

i have horizontal lines very close together at the top of my laptop screen and every day there seems to be more. my laptop is compac. please help :]


I'm sorry to say that the exact same thing happened with my HP, your screen is faulty, try to buy a...

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