What are some cool things I can do with my keyboard?

Let’s learn what are some cool things I can do with my keyboard. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by lifehacker.com.

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10 Things You Can Do On a PC Without Ever Touching the Mouse

... but you can do an awful lot from your keyboard. ... 10 Things You Can Do On a PC Without Ever Touching the Mouse. ... there are some tricks to using it more ...


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The Kindle Keyboard 3G, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display- what are all the things it can do?

i would like to know all the things this kindle can do, even things most people would not normally use it for, or might not know it can do. this question is for those overachievers who have figured out stuff none of the rest of us have ever been able...


this will give you your answer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ppjI6KZH…

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You can make a buttocks (_x_) a fish <*)))>< and a heart <3.

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Play the piano, poorly: Virtual Piano Keyboar...

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Where can I buy a keyboard that I can reprogram to different things on FSX?

I am building a Flight Simulator and I want a keyboard that I can program to do different things yet won't affect a regular keyboards commands. Like, I know I can make they keys do different things in FSX but I want another keyboard that the keys show...


i have seen it cheap on ebay

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Keyboard works strangely, letter keys control things like fullscreen and shortcuts instead of typing. What do?

The keyboard will start out working fine, but about 20 minutes. into using it, the letter keys do random things like opening up bookmarks and making the browser go into fullscreen. It's a normal laptop keyboard. Any suggestions on how to fix it?


check for virus and try your kb with a different computer

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A game remapped my keyboard - How can I change things back to normal?

Urgh so I was playing a game and after a quit the game my keyboard was completly remapped. I have tried restarting my computer, system restore, sharp keys software, and trying different keyboards in different places. Nothing works. I cant type on my...


Go to 'Control Panel' then 'Regional and Language Options. On the tabs at the top you will see 'Keyboards...

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What are the things i should consider when buying a new keyboard for my computer?

i just recently broke my keyboard and i wanna buy a new one. but i don't know the which and what of a keyboard.. thanks for the answer :D


your budget and what type of connection do you want. USB or PS2 or even wireless.

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How can you have hearts and squared and things on here that aren't on your keyboard?

I see so many people have neat things but they aren't on the keyboard , obviously there is a program or some way of doing it. Do you know where to get it or how to make them?


These characters are in Fonts called Windings and Webdings. These are standard in Windows.If you have...

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What are the white things that hold the buttons on the keyboard of a computer called?

the little white things that you snap the keys onto on a laptop keyboard


i think they r given for mouse clicking right and left click button

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