What are some funny things I can put on my website?

Let’s learn what are some funny things I can put on my website. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by themuse.com.

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6 Things You Should Put on Your Personal Website—and 6 ...

Now that you’ve been sold on the benefits of a personal website and hopefully started building your own, you may be thinking: So, what exactly do I fill it with?


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What is the name of the website that you can put makeup on yourself and change you eyecolor &things like that?

My friend told me about a website that you are able to put eyeliner and makeup on yourself all virtually and change your eyecolor. Its supposed to be really cool.. and i want to go there!


http://www.dailymakeover.com/index.php?g… hope this helps ! :)

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What are some things i should put on my website?

I am making a website with weebly. I don't know what i should put on it. What are some things i should have on my website? The web site is for my video making group. We make like comedy videos. And some of the things we use are llamas, bunchies, alpacas...


Well depends what you are doing with the videos. I think if you want to make money doing those videos...

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Where can i find a website where people place things to put in your AIM profile?

i am trying to find a website where people put things that were in the old profiles or new profiles from AIM that i can look at and possibly put into my AIM profile (instant messenger)


have i tried iconator.com that works good i dont know if itll help :) Jennah

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Where is a website like Ebay but you can put things on for free ?

I want to put lots of stuff up on ebay but i dont want to have to wait untill a free listing day .. so is there any other websites like ebay where u can "list" things for ...show more


Well I hate Craigslist I just get bunch of spam Amazon if your selling media stuff its good for books...

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At Lastfm.com, when you search for music, it will also bring up other artists you might like, similar...

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Information about yourself? (Likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc.) Reviews of stuff? (Movies, music)

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I want to start a website about abuse and bullying and i need ideas of things to put in it?

I read a website called dosomething.org and it got me excited to do something and raise awareness on different issues. Im going to start a website and i need ideas to put in the ...show more


You could put in peoples stories, anonymous or not. Also poems/poetry written by people who have witnessed...

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How do I put things on my website I just made it?

I made a website and I don't know how to put things on it


What did you make? How did you make it? What things do you want to put on it? More information is needed...

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by bluevoda software you can put any thing you want to the website

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