What is the biggest tire size I can put on my Chevy Colorado?

Let’s learn what is the biggest tire size I can put on my Chevy Colorado. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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What size tire can i put on a lowered chevy colorado if i have 20 inch rims?

i have a 07 colorado wit a 4/4 drop im running with 245/35/r20 right now wanted 2 no how much of a bigger tire i can run with


what is a 4/4 drop? is that 4" suspension and 4" body? Do you want more sidewall or width...

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33 inch seems the popular size for improving the look of the Chevy Colorado. But additional lifts and...

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What size tires to put on my truck?

I have an 05 Chevy Colorado and I'm looking at buying 18" rims for it. What size tire should I put on it without having to lift the truck?


235/55R18 minimum 265/45/R18 maximum

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Tire size for chevy 2005 colorado Z71 turck?

Ok, I got a 05 chevy colorado singal cab it has the z71 body. the tires I have now are (265-75R-15) can I put on some (235-75R-15) tires or dose it have to be the 265s. Thanks,


well i have a 98 Silverado Z71 with 265/75R16 which is stock for Z71s but the stock size for the 2wds...

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How big of a tire can I put on an 86 full size chevy without lift kit?

Chevy is 4x4. Full size. No lift. Would like a mud tire. I've read some tires are actually larger than advertised.


if your springs are in good shape (no sag) and you are running stock offset 15X8 rims then you should...

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I have 2008 z71 chevy silverado LTZ package and I dont know what the biggest tire size i could put on stock 18" wheels?

Ok so I have a 2008 Chevy Silverado and I was just wondering what the biggest tire size is that I could go with on stock ride hight (without rubbing). And another question is how big ...show more


You can get by with 285/50X20 with no problems. A lot depends on the offset so go to Tire Rack and check...

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Tire size on a chevy colorado?

I drive a 2005 Z71 crew cab Colorado that comes with the bigger 267-75-R15 tire. I am getting new BFG all-terrains and I was wandering if my truck can fit the 285's or if I have to stay with the 265's. I am open to tightening my torsion bars or even...


if you are willing to ruin your alignment and cut fenders than why do u care put the biggest tire u...

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I have a 1986 Chevy Pick Up! What would be a good size tire and wheel to put on it?

Would a 17 inch from a newer model fit and if so what would be a good size tire to use with a 17 inch wheel.


If it is a 4x4 i would put 15x8 wheels w/ 265/75-15 tires

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What is a good off road tire for a Chevy Colorado?

Its a 2005 Chevy Colorado Ls Z71 4x4 package with the 3.5 L Tire size: P267/75/R15 I want an aggressive tire. I have Goodyear Wrangler SRA on it now... Looking for something ...show more


Here's a 15" evil rubber for you))

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2007 4x4 chevy Colorado Tire/wheel packages?

ive been looking online trying to find nice wheel and tire packages, wondering if anyone has a suggestion. also if i put 16" wheels on my truck with all terrain tires, will i have to put a lift kit on? (factory is 15")


Depending on the height of your tires on the lift. Beware bigger tires are going to make your speedometer...

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