What are some cool things to do in Pennsylvania?

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You can go to the Andy Warhol museum, watch the Philadelphia Eagles play, or enjoy the various pubs...

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What are some good sites to see and things to do in Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and NYC?

My sister and I are traveling to these places in the spring. Any recommendations? We are planning to visit the monuments, natural history museum,holocaust musem, see some shows in NYC and visit liberty island. Just not sure what to do in Pennsylvania...


Oh my gosh...those are 3 of my favorite towns! There's so much to do and see. Let me make a few suggestions...

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What are some things to remember when taking your driver's test in Pennsylvania?

Like, if you don't do these things you will fail. Thanks! My test is today:)


Turn signal, Especially when you parallel park. Check you vehicle before you leave too. Lights work...

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What are the best things about living in Pennsylvania ?

And i guess bad things too if Im trying to gather info.


That all depends on what part of Pennsylvania you're interested in. I lived in the Philly suburbs, so...

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What are some good things to do in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania?

I am going there later this year on a holiday. What are some good things to do?


Rhode Island: Roger Willaims Zoo historic sites in Newport lots of great beaches in South Country Massachusetts...

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What are the fun things to do in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ??

Its my first time to go there.. My first time to go to the states.. =] So besides the shopping.. what are other fun thinkgs to do there ?? THANX!


Lots of things. Museums: Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Carnegie Museum of Art (both in the...

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Things to do in rural Pennsylvania?

My partner and I are taking a 4-day, 3-night vacation over the 4th of July weekend somewhere in the Pennsylvania wilds...but seriously what is there to do in Pennsylvania besides visit this awesome dark sky park? We are celebrating our country's independence...


Colton Point State Park, aka the Pennylvania Grand Canyon is nearby (1 hour) and worth a visit. There...

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Fun things to do in these Pennsylvania?

What are some fun things to do near these Pennsylvania towns? *Addison *Blairsville *Bentleyville *Bristiol *Laceyville *Liberty *Leighton *New hope If you have any links feel free to share them. Thank you :]


there is no fun things to do in any of these towns except New Hope. New Hope has lots of shopping and...

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Things to do in Pennsylvania? URGENT!?

My family and I are going on a trip this Saturday and we need to know places to stop/see along the way. We are going through Pennsylvania, and we have teenagers so any places good for them would be great! No historical things please! Thanks so much!


Well if they like to swim, fish, hike, etc you might try checking out the Pa state park system. We have...

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I'm so bored. Any suggestions on places to go/things to do in central Pennsylvania?

Need to get away this weekend with the kids, ages 11 & 13 any suggestions on things to do in Pennsylvania that doesn't cost any arm and a leg??


if i knew, id tell u, i also live in central PA...there aint nothing to do...(i dont care if what i...

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