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What are some legal issues a company may face when conducting e-business?

What are some legal issues a company may face when conducting e-business and what are some possible solutions to those issues. Also, what are some issues that may arise in the company's international business and what conflicts of law pertain to those...


Wouldn't it be better for you if you got a lawyer? You are going to get some not so intelligent people...

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Do I need a legal agreement to protect my business from potential legal issues caused by my designer?

I want to order some digital product (set of icons) from some designer. This product will be used as a part of my own digital product, which I’m going to sell. Question: Do I need some type of the legal agreement to protect my business from...


It would be prudent to have an agreement that, at the least, gives you all rights, including all intellectual...

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What are the legal issues in this case?

Summary Of Case The applicant herein was charged on the 14th October, 2004 at Funshinaugh Cross, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, he did murder John Ward, a member of the travelling community who, on the date in question, had come unsolicited with his son Tom...


The assault..if this is for a college class..get a study group together, and have some further discussions...

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Do I owe my ex-partner compensation in this particular situation? What are the related legal issues? What should I do?

I started with a specific idea for a web business, but lacked the technical skills to start it up. I spent my summer off from college delineating a business plan, creating site mockups, conducting ample research, and meeting with potential technical...


Based on the assumption that you two have an oral partnership, one thing I'd explore with a lawyer is...

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What Are The Legal Issues Serving Alcohol At The Workplace?

Since legal issues vary across the world, this is a workplace in the U.S. (Seattle, WA) to be specific. The winter holidays are around the corner and as a cost saving measure, looking at ways to have a party in the office.  We'd like to have a small...


I dont know much about this specific issue, except that I have read a few cases that generally deal...

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What are potential issues arising if one cofounder is not a US citizen or permanent resident?

There is a lot of talk about the Startup VISA movement for founders that are not US citizens or permanent residents and potential issues of varying degree including not being able to stay in the US. However what other issues could occur, say if one founder...


There are some restrictions on the ability of a person who is not a U.S. citizen/permanent resident...

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What are the ethical / legal issues involved with aiding others in doing their taxes for pay?

I'm in the USA, and I'm an accountant for a local corporation. I get asked often for accounting advice from smaller fries. It'd be a good source of side income for me. I'm not a CPA, and I do not have any tax preparer certification. I do know what I...


Download IRS Circular 230. It has what you need to know about tax work from the IRS' perspective. It...

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Hosting a public LAN Party; What legal issues should I be aware of?

Hosting a public LAN Party; What legal issues should I be aware of? Hi MeFi, Myself and friends have been hosting private LAN parties for the past 3 years and with 20 or so atendees we've outgrown our normal venue. What do we need to be aware of when...


Something to know about renting out commercial space: you're going to have to sign a contract, and a...

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What legal & regulatory issues have payments, credit, and funding startups faced, or do they expect to face?

Eric Koester wrote, in his answer to What legal issues have arisen from use of services like Zaarly or TaskRabbit?: "Mad props for the guys at Square (company), Stripe (company), Dwolla, PoundPay, etc. who are attacking the payments world.  Turns...


The most common regulatory issue startups and/or payment providers, et. al. face is regulatory compliance...

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What are the main legal issues an entrepreneur raising outside financing should be aware of?

Whether from an angel or venture capitalist. I understand that there is a lot of minutiae just by the nature of any legal agreement especially with money involved, but what's the 90 / 10 of it in non-legalese English? That is, what legal issues should...


Economics and Governance. While not strictly "legal" it's very important to understand the...

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