What can Node.js do that ASP.NET cannot?

Let’s learn what can Node.js do that ASP.NET cannot. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Stack Overflow.

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What so different about Node.js's event-driven? Can't we do that in ASP.NET's HttpAsyncHandler?

I'm not very experienced in web-programming and stuff, and I haven't actually code anything in Node.Js yet, just curious about the event-driven approach. It does seems good. The article explain some bad things that could happen when we use thread-based approach to handle request, and should opt for event-driven instead. In thread-based, the cashier/thread is stuck with us until our food/resource is ready. While in event-driven, the cashier send us somewhere out of the request line so we don't block...


First of all its not multi threaded. This is important. You have to be a very talented programmer to...

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What is the best/fastest/most powerful event-driven, non-blocking I/O platform NodeJS or ReactPHP? Or maybe another platform?

A colleague of mine said that ReactPHP could be a good alternative to NodeJS. I knew about NodeJS but I've a PHP background so I think it would be easier to use ReactPHP. If found some URLs that provide benchmarks and opinions of users of Reddit. The...


I found this article Benchmarking Codswallop: NodeJS v PHP  that was in front page of Hackers News and...

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What are the caveats for using nodejs for huge systems like ecommerce, which expects to get about a million page-views per month?

I read stuff about nodejs and how it's different from traditional way of processing requests. What are the limitations of it using in a huge-scale systems like e-commerce , which expects to make huge transactions, on an average. Is anybody using nodejs...


The most important thing to know about Node is why it's different from other platforms. Node's strength...

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Is it possible to use the Jade template engine without NodeJS, or is there an alternative which can be used without NodeJS?

I am more intersted in the part where you don't need to write <h2>title</h2> but h2 title Is that possible without the NodeJS spplication?


You can write jade templates, and than compile them with gulp for example: gulp-jade

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What would get you interested in using a NodeJS blog engine?

I'm currently writing a lightweight NodeJS CMS/blogware called CouchPress (http://couchpress.nodester.com). I'm wondering what about such a piece of software (features, design etc.) would make you interested in actually switching from your normal blog...


Here's some features that would help: Simple installation and usage, good performance Easy configuration...

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Is it good idea to learn NodeJs for someone who only knows basics of programming?

I am fresh out of college. I don't know much about programming. I mean I haven't written codes professionally, but I have played with Python and Javascript to grab the basic. I recently joined a small company. I have two options: 1. Python Well, the...


The idea of "JS everywhere" is appealing to you, then I think that you should pursue that...

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What are some cool nodejs apps that people use in day-to-day life?

It is a known fact that nodejs is catching up. I need some inspiring stories about products that heavily rely on nodejs.


Exclusive: How LinkedIn used Node.js and HTML5 to build a better, faster app

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Is nodejs solid/stable enough for production?

I'm using nodejs for a month now to develop an API (till now i used mainly PHP Framework like Symfony2), and i was wondering : is nodejs stable enough for the production of a real-world application ? (100K+ visitors / month)


PayPal, Walmart and Ebay and a lot of other companies seem to think so. List of companies using node...

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Packing floating point in NodeJS under 32 bit produces incorrect results - why?

I am using the following "pack" function provided by the excellent php.js project. http://github.com/kvz/phpjs/blob... Running this in Mozilla's JavaScript shell it works fine, but running it in Node produces incorrect strings. example, packing...


Reinstalling with latest version Node v0.1.101 has improved matters, it is coping with integers, but...

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Need Help for solve ASPNET machine account administrator ?

In my Windows7 ultimate 64-bit machine there is one ASPNET machine account is present and this is the administrator account and i can't loggin with this account to solve STANDARD and ADMINISTRATOR account and i tried to change the permission but it has...


* Open Control Panel * Open Add / Remove Programs * Select .NET Framework 1.1 from the list and select...

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