What can i use to style my hair?

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What can I use to style me hair?

Hi, im african american so I have that afro, kinky hair and im tired of not being able to do anything with it. Im trying to grow it out a litte more in hopes of finding some sort of styling gel or wax that works for my hair type because I really dont want to have to resort to chemical relaxers, and the natural relaxers just loosen the curls. Ive also heard of something called hair clay but cant find much about it. Any suggestions would be great thanks : )


i know what you mean use pink oil,try straightening your hair

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I'm growing my hair out, but I can't not use heat to style it. what can I do?

Everybody says stay away from heat like flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers especially when growing hair. The problem is that's how I style my hair. My natural hair is ...show more


you can YouTube some hair styles, or just do research & see what's best for your hair.

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What product can i use to hold up my hair in any style?

maybe completely straight down or some ponytail or some other style that i want? my hair is like wavy/ straight...its like in the middle. and also its kinda long. Help? hairspray? mousse? gel?


Hairspray + hair wax = ultimate hold.

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How should i style/what products should i use for my curly hair?

I have curly, frizzy, crazy afro hair haha, and I straighten my hair every day and im cutting my split ends off. I'm going to try to stop straightening it so much, but every product i've tried to make my curls look decent didn't work. I've tried mousse...


Natural hair tips, styles, product reviews, salon listings, and bulletin board for wavy curly kinky...

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I have multitextured hair.i don't use heat to style it. any ideas on products/styling techniques i can use?

My hair is part fine, part straight, part curly, part wavy.. and i have brown hair.


I have curlyish hair.... I dunno it seems to curl when it wants to ... and it frizzes a lot.. But i...

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How can I style my hair if I get these layers cut? How would I make it look like it does in these pictures? Could I use a flat iron?

Basically how can I make my ends look like Amanda Seyfried's ends in the pictures ? (With a hair straightener or a curling iron? How would I use them to get this look?) Picture ...show more


a blow drier will work for getting that hairstyle.

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I have waist lenght hair.how can i use a chopstick to hold it up in a bun style?

plz suggest any other hair styles which i can do by myself at home.also suggest some websites that give step by step instructions to style hair!thanx


here is a website i found that explains how to do different hairstyles with chopsticks... http://www...

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What hair style should i use for wedding?

Okay my wedding is next month and I know its early but I'm trying to narrow down my hair styles for it. I already have my dress. Would you please give me opinions on which I should use? (I included 3 different lace front wigs I would use. My dress and...


Not sure why you want to wear a wig whether personal choice or medical reasons. But with all hair related...

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