What is a good cd player for a car that is not extremely expensive?

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What would be a good, inexpensive substitute for a car cd player?

Is this even a possibility? My dad's car cd player is broken. I was thinking of xmas gift ideas and was wondering what technology is out there that would enable him to listen to cds in his car. He doesn't have an mp3 player to plug into his cig lighter, already thought of that one. As a LAST RESORT, I would want to get his cd player fixed but that is prob out of my price range (50)


Unless it's a simple problem like a wire come loose, fixing a car CD player might cost as much as a...

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What brand & model car radio/cd player is good besides Bose?

What brand and model name should I buy if I want a good car radio/cd player that has great mid levels & treble and edits well between the different input channels?I have a sub and 10 for speakers and an amp, but the clarity in my car radio does not...


Panasonic all the way!!!

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What is a good cd player for my car?

i'm looking to replace the radio / cassette player in my 2000 dodge neon. i would like a reasonably priced cd player with am/fm radio. i'm just looking for suggestions on what type to ...show more


Alpine is not the best you can get. Hence the reason they are sold at Best Buy. Don't get me wrong Alpine...

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What's a good stereo for a car that has a CD player, FM radio, and an iPod hook-up?

I got a new car with no radio, I NEED one. I would also like a range of prices. Please and thanks. (:


Best deal IMO is a pioneer premier DEH-p4000ub... or something like that. Cant beat this deal-- comes...

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What's wrong with my car CD player?

I have a Lincoln Continental, and it's gay as ****. My dad gave it to me though, so I should be grateful. Anyway, the stereo works just fine, it's the cd player that's wtf. For those of you who aren't familiar with this contraption, the cd player is...


try a cd disc cleaner,this cleans the eye in the cd player,if it keeps spitting it out reinstall it...

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Car with CD player only..what 2 Do?!!!?

hello guys i live inthe UAE, my car got only cd player and i have many cassettes, so what to do in this case and how to play them? another thing which i have lots of music on MP3 format so i can play them from the portable mp3 player, but that is easy...


The easiest way to do this is to go wireless. There are several devices that you can plug in your mp...

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What would be the best way to play a cd through my car although my car does not have a cd player ?

My car has no cd or cassete player. I want to play a cd through my car but I am wondering if I should buy a new radio(with cd player) but i would probably have to pay installation, ...show more


its not hard to install a new mp3 cd player yourself, things you need: wire harness adapter to connect...

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What format does music have to be on a cd to play in a standard car cd player.?

i have put some music onto a blank cd hoping i would be able to use it in my car cd player, but when i put it in the cd player it says error and does not play. the cd player is a ...show more


keep trying the mp3 disc's sometimes it read them! you just have to give it some time!

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My cd player in my car says CD ERROR. What is it?

I have an escape and its in nice condition. I have the automatic cd player where you put your 6 cds in and just push the number of the CD you want to play and it plays. All of a sudden one day it says CD Error with no previous warning. Now I can't get...



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What's wrong with the CD player of my car?

I have Hyundai i10, and it's got a CD player. last time i got into the car and tried playing a cd, it didn't. it was like stuck, it's turned on but doesnt respond to any buttons. even AFTER i turned off the engine and all the car and tableau lights ...


the cd player is wired constant thats why its still on when you turn your engine off, having the cdplayer...

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