What is a good workout plan for a hockey player?

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I am a 20 year old college baseball and hockey player looking for a workout plan.?

I am getting back into the gym again and am looking for a good workout plan that I can stick to. Prior to this I have always had trainers telling me what to do but I wanna do it myself this time. I need some help though developing my workout plan so someone help me.


P90x 100% it works everything there is. Core, Legs, Back, Biceps, Triceps, Carido workout, and tons...

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What is a good workout plan for a hockey player that is in season?

A list day to day Does not have to be for a hockey player My high school team is in season now, and i was wondering what I should do for wieght training.


At this point, you want to maintain your strength. You can't really train hard, as you don't want to...

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Diet Plan + Workout for 15 year old Rugby Player Easy 10pts?

Hey, So basically I'm a 15 year old Rugby player who is in need of a good diet plan to help me bulk up for next years season. I'm a front row forward btw. Height: 5'9 Weight: 90kg My coach wants me to add an extra 4kg over the Christmas Holidays (next...


HOLY SHET Man ?? I'm 15, 5'9 and 93 kg prop as well dude. NICE STUFF ! I recommend you to go the gym...

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Whats a good workout for a hockey player to follow?

i am a high school hockey player and need a good workout to start up on im ready for about anything


I would keep weight training to a minimum if you're still in high school, as your bones are still growing...

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Good workout routine for field hockey player?

What is a good workout routine (specific exercises) for a high school field hockey player during the off-season?


Of course it all depends on your position on the field. Distance running is a must. I would say being...

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Hockey player Workout..?

Hey guys i'm a hockey player been playing for quite awhile never actually had a good routine workout. I'm starting to play at higher levels now and my coach always tells me too put some weight on i'm 150lbs 6"2" I want to get stronger and bigger...


The work out used by Eric Lindros, John Leclair, and Rob Brind'amour is posted on the bodybuilding.com...

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Good beginner hockey player workout?

im a 16 yr old guy whos just starting to play ice hockey, what would be a good reccommended workout for me to do? whether its daily or weekly, what kind of exercises and drills should i do, both on and off ice? im not on a team or in a league yet so...


to build up the muscles that you draw speed and strenghth from, doing ucla's help, just starting at...

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Plyometrics - how best to use it in a normal workout routine (for a hockey player)?

I workout regularly at my local gym, but mostly it has been typical weightlifting, upper and lower body. Since taking up plyometrics for the lower body (different jumping routines, etc.), I have noticed a big improvement in my ice skating for hockey...


Well, I do some plyometrics and I have also read about it alot. If you are doing lower body pylometrics...

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Do u think this workout plan would b good for hockey?

http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mahler57… It's not designed for hockey but it's body weight exercises. R body weight exercises better for hockey than lifting? Will it give me strength and endurance? Should I run on these days too?


try the Lil Jack workout plan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKCGe2Ezr…

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Is this a good workout plan for a basketball/tennis player?

Im trying to become Professional in either or both basketball and tennis and was wondering whether this was a good workout plan for it. 6hrs a day of training 30mins sprints 30mins swimming 1hour weights 2hours tennis 2hours basketball


that's amazing if you can actually do it!

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