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Whats the best yugioh deck now including the synchro deck?

i want the best deck there is so far so any suggestions? thanks! im gonna combine my old deck with the new one hehe


Monsters-21 3-krebons 3-D-hero malicious 2-dark armed dragon 2-necro gardna 2-d.d.crow 2-caius the shadow...

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Can You Rate My Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck?

ok so heres the scoop, i am entering a local yugioh tournament, and i can't wait til this saturday for my first tourney! :) so anyhow... i'm kind of nervous about my newly constructed deck, i made sure none of the cards were limited/forbidden so thats...


i can see that this is a first time making a deck... to be honest this deck is horrible, even for a...

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Can an old school Yugioh deck still hold its own nowadays?

i haven't played Yugioh since my early high school days, but the other day at a church get-to-gether thingy, i saw some random dudes playing yugioh and i was like hey i used to play that. but they had all sorts of crazy looking cards (black/white cards...


Sorry, but without the newer, Synchro cards and tuner monsters you would get crushed by most people...

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Yugioh 5d's Starter Deck I Want Ur Opinons?

How do you think the "5d's Starter Deck" will impact the yugioh game? Whats the Best Synchro Getting Released in The Duelist Genisis Ygo booster and 5d's Starter Deck? (other than stardust dragon) Whats the first deck that pops into your head...


What makes you think Stardust Dragon is in it? The pic with stardust dragon on it?(answers for some...

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Is my zombie deck ready?

im a noob now compared to 4 years ago im working to catch up w all these new rules and synchro my deck right now is.. MONSTERS:20 8- Vampire Genesis Vampire Lord x3 Il Blud x2 Malevolent Mech - Goku En x2 4- Pyramid Turtle x3 Zombie Master x2 Paladin...


Well if you ask me, I would give it a 6/10... Don't get me wrong...The Monster line up is pretty good...

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Help me build a deck?

Hi guys i've just bought the synchro structure deck. Whats the best booster pack(s) to buy that will help me improve the power and let me get the best cards to use along side synchro's? e.g. summons and that sort of thing All answers are welcome i just...


Get Duelist pack Kaiba 1st edition trading cards. You can look it up on www.yugioh-card-guide.com. This...

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Yu-Gi-Oh Synchro Deck! Improve/Fix Please?

Deck Type: Synchro Deck (5D’S) Total Cards In Deck: 36 (not including Extra Deck) Deck List: Monsters Exiled Force Skull-Mark Ladybug Spiral Serpent Healing Wave Generator The Tricky Junk Synchron Shadowslayer* Nitro Synchron Turbo Synchron Water...


ok. well to tell you right off this deck will not make it past the first 4 turns in any duel. simply...

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Rate my new synchro deck...?

Hey guys i made a new deck i call my synchro deck kind of based on Yusei Fudo's Deck and can anyone tell me good Deck themes i could use... and how much does a Dark Armed Dragon Deck cost? Avanced Format plz Deck: Synchronized Miracle Total: (40) Monsters...


it is very starter deck like, try this its a good deck doesn't cost too much either 2/3x marauding captain...

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Please rate and upgrade my synchro deck! I am using it to go for the yugioh regionals?

This is my deck list Extra deck:15 1x Red Nova Dragon 1x Majestic Star Dragon 1x Shooting Star Dragon 1x Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste 1x Junk Destroyer 1x Red Dragon Archfiend 2x Stardust Dragon 1x Ancient Fairy Dragon 1x Junk Archer 1x Turbo Warrior...


alrighte -sak armor and +d prison +summoner monk(to synchro like ten times faster) +dandy(if you wanna...

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Building a RDA Synchro Deck...?

RDA meaning Red Dragon Archfiend. I already have 2 custom themed decks (my Tyranno Monarch deck, and my DD Control) and I'm looking to construct a 3rd deck based on my 2 Archfiend Dragons; now obviously, I'll have to start from scratch... I currently...


get the 2 5d's starters- also De-syncho and syncrho reflect are terrible cards You need for a cheap...

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