What's it like having the job of a physician's assistant?

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What job noncertified/on site training job can I get for patient contact hours for physician assistant application? (Phoenix, Az)?

Hello, I am a current graduate from ASU looking to work on my patient contact hours in order to get into PA school. I have an overall 3.95 GPA and various volunteer hours, but ...show more


CNA seems to be the easiest way for you to gain entry. Since this requires minimum education, be sure...

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Would you accept a Physicians Assistant for a Nurse Practitioner Job?

Would you hire a Physicians Assistant instead? or Would you accept a Physicians Assistant Nurse Practitioner INNOVATION What is a nurse practitioner? A nurse ...show more


No. If someone applying for a PA job in my office doesn't know that they just spent 6-8 years of their...

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Are there any problems concerning doctor/patient confidentiality while job shadowing a physicians assistant?

I need to be able to do a job shadow to be able to pass a high school class and graduate. a friend of my dads is a P.A., but I was wondering: what is the likelihood of being able to job shadow, but not being disrespectful towards the doctor/patient confidentiality...


LEGALLY you will probably have to have permission from the patient before the Doctor can let you i the...

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Physicians assistant job?

Does anybody know anything about this job? i am interested and have been reading things online about it. looks like a good job. i would want to get into some sort of specialty because ...show more


You only need a Masters degree to be a PA. They perform exams, order treatments. diagnose illnesses...

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What type of Physicians Assistant job should I get?

I am going to be a Physicians Assistants soon and get both my BS and MS degrees. But I just want to know if their is a way that I could get payed based on percentage and performance. ...show more


You might want to excel as a Realtor. They get rich. Doctors help people and live well both at home...

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Is a Physicians Assistant (PA) a good job?

Im debating whether to go paramedic, nursing or P.A. and im wondering if PA is a good job in terms of pay, working conditions, etc. Anyone in the know can u please enlighten me. Thanks.


Consider what you like to do, not just the pay. PAs work in the hospital or a clinic. They basically...

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Physicians Assistant versus Nurse Practicioner. Which allows for more job opportunities prior to graduating?

Like many people, I am having a hard time deciding which route to go. I think the deciding factor might be which will give me the most job opportunities while I am still in school. ...show more


You should go the nursing route--sounds like a better fit for you.

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What's wrong with my resume? Desperate for a job!!!?

Objective To obtain a full time position where I can utilize my administrative and communication skills, as well as my experience to make a positive contribution to the company. Work Experience Job Job Location October 2011-December 2011 Assist in floor...


I answered this yesterday. You must take Creole out. It is not a "real" language. And it is...

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Life question: I'm 23 and have a decent job..School? Or give up my job?

I am 23 years old. I have a high school diploma. I graduated in 2007. I have a decent job, making a little under 40k year. However, I'm not happy, I don't feel fulfilled. I don't like my job. I see all of my friends graduating, living their lives, being...


It is very, very hard right now to get a job as a medical assistant/medical receptionist. There are...

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Can I get a job as a Physician assistant with a medical assistant degree?

I am looking into a Medical Assistant program and I saw on the internet this thing called a Physicians assistant, I would love to know what the difference is and if I could become one ...show more


A PA is VASTLY different than a mere medical assistant.

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