What do you do to become a Physician's Assistant (PA?

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Can i become a physician assistant with a ged?

hello im 22 yrs old female...i dropped out in 10th grade but im currently getting my ged..i work as a medical assistant right now but my passion is to become a physician assistant i work side by side with both doctors and pa's so ive learned Alot about what they do. my question is with a ged if i get a associated degree in health science and then apply to a PA programs will they accept me just with an AA-degreee or do i have to have bachelors degree in order to apply for PA school?...please let...


Yes, you can. You'd start with a bachelors degree in something and the premed classes, and then a masters...

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I want to become a physicians assistant, help please! i need advice?

okay, so i've recently decided that i wanted to go to school to become a PA. before this, i wanted a degree in nursing. My grades are all A's & B's, but i never really applied myself to try to make an A in every single class. but now that i've decided...


PA is a grad level profession. You need a bachelor's degree first, but whether you get it at a university...

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Becoming a Physicians Assistant?

I really want to be a PA but I'm sort of confused about becoming a physicians assistant. To become one, what courses do you take in college? How long do you have to go to college? ...show more


I recommend looking at your area's PA programs to see what prerequisite classes you need. You'll need...

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What grades do you need to become a PA?

Im thinking about becoming a physicians assistant but i was wondering if ide be able to get into the program. I have a 86 average with some AP classes and stuff in highschool and i was wondering that is considerd good enough to become a PA.


You need a bachelor's degree with a GPA of at least about 3.4 to enter most physician assistant graduate...

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Does anyone know of any 5 year Physicians Assistant Programs?

Hi, I am a Junior in high school and beginning to look into colleges. I want to become a physicians assistant and would love to go to a college with a 5 year program. I was just wondering if anyone could help and list the colleges they know. So far I...


There are a couple of online directories of PA programs online. See links below. Some other five year...

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Easier way to be a Physicians Assistant?

I want to become a Physicians Assistant. Can i go to community college for an ADN(Associates in Nursing) and then find a PA program?


Different programs. You could still do that and work as an RN while going to PA school, but honestly...

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Should I go for PA (physician assistant) or become an actual DOCTOR?

I was thinking of going with my plan to apply to PA programs after I finish college, but is it worth it? I mean, a physician assistant is EXACTLY like a doctor except you don't have your M.D. and its basically like you're the doctor's little "puppet...


to find your grade you take (points earned)/(total points) Thus 128.5/270 = 47.5% Better get your grade...

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How difficult is it to become a physicians assistant in the state of california?

Im still working on my bachelors I would love to become a physicians assistant however i struggle in chemistry and not sure how difficult it is to graduate in this field. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated


Its hard & extremely competitive--its medicine crammed into 2 years. See if you can visit the closest...

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How do I become a Physicians Assistant?

What do I have to do to become a Physicians Assistant? I live in MA if that helps out at all. I'd like to hear from people that know what there talking about only please. Dont waste my time haha. So anything you know, Im listining. -Thank you


PA is a master's level degree. You need to find a school or schools you want to go to, find out their...

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How to become a Surgical Physicians Assistant?

I'm signing up for the SAT and I need to pick colleges to send my scores to. I want to be a surgical physicians assistant and i'm not sure exactly how to get there and become one or what I need to major in or anything. I need to know so I can look for...


Most surgeons don't use PA's. They use scrub nurses. Why not try to be a surgeon, it's not that hard...

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