What snowboard is good for a beginner/intermediate?

Let’s learn what snowboard is good for a beginner/intermediate. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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What is a good Beginner to intermediate snowboard for women?

I am in my 20's and have never skied before but I have some experience skateboarding, ice skating, & roller skating. I have good balance and I heard that snowboarding is actually ...show more


I agree, you need to consider all those factors and the best way is to try before you buy. Most board...

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How much is my snowboard worth?.? (Links)?

How much do you think my snowboard is worth...It is a Burton Custom, It has saloman bindings I THINK?.? or ACTUALLY i think it said " S2 " on the bindings, and it has saloman boots. Not sure what year it is though,How much is this worth roughly...


Check out ebay, & see how much They're going for- There. It could save you a LOT of Explanation...

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Has anyone had problems with snowboard bag fees on continental airlines?

Will I get charged an excess baggage fee if my snowboard bag contains a helmet, gloves, goggles, a camelbak backpack, snow-pants, snowboard boots, a snowboard with bindings, and a snowboard without bindings with a total weight of 45 pounds and a bag...


I can honestly say I have never had a problem from Any American airline

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About snowboard?

I've a presantation about snowboard in class, but I don't know how to snowboard. Can someboby do me a favor? (1)how to snowboard?(2)What equipment must have.(2)where can snowboard near San Jose or SFO(3)why people like to snowboard? Thanks a lot!!!


1) u go down hills (snowy 1s). to turn u dig ur toe edge or heel edge in. 2 stop u lean on ur toe edge...

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What to use to snowboard without a snowboard with ordinary items around the house?

It just snowed A LOT at my house and i want to snowboard, but i don't have a snowboard. I was wondering if there was any way that i could make something so snowboard with, with ...show more


Try wish123 dotcome. I find lots of excellent experts answer there.

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Could anyone get me a snowboard package, or atleast get me the right snowboard, bindings, and boots?

I would like a snowboard package or to at least buy a snowboard and seperate bindings and boots. I would like a 138 to 140 cm snowboard with mens size seven or eight boots and cool ...show more


You could just go to a local sports store and they will help you pick out stuff that all goes together...

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Should I worry about my snowboard breaking if it is in a snowboard bag on a plane?

I am going to Utah snowboarding for the first time with a brand new board. How should I pack the snowboard to minimize risk of damage to my snowboard? Are airlines pretty good at ...show more


I'd be worried, the last time I flew I watched baggage handlers allow bags to fall from the cargo door...

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My old, shorter snowboard, or my brother's longer, wide snowboard?

So i have a problem. i have to choose between using my old snowboard from last season, or my brother's old snowboard. im 16, 6'1", and have size 10.5 feet. my brother is ...show more


The larger board will be different/more difficult to control period just because of the length and width...

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Do you think I can fit a 156 cm snowboard into a 157 cm burton snowboard bag?

This is the burton snowboard bag http://www.extremesports.ltd.uk/snowboard/product265-3050.htm


yea but make sure the tip of your board dosen't get bent or chipet because i my friend boat a burton...

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What happens if you snowboard with a snowboard that is to small for you?

well i couldnt get a new snowboard in time for the season and im stuck with a small snowboard


Small boards are a lot easier to maneuver and are easier to go freestyle on because you can move around...

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