Is it better to buy a cheap snowboard, if you're a beginner snowboarder?

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Snowboards: How to Choose - REI Expert Advice

Snowboards: How to Choose. ... The learning curve on a snowboard is very fast, so if you’re a beginner, ... Before you buy, ...

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If you're a beginner snowboarder, is it better to buy a cheap snowboard?

I've only snowboarded for about 3 days on a rental snowboard, but I'm really into it. However, I'm not sure about whether I should invest in a high-quality/expensive more


When you find the answer let me know lol i'm super into it too. I love it!

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How much do snowboard bindings cost?

Im a beginner snowboarder and I just got a snowboard for Christmas. On boxing today im ganna go buy snowboard bindings and boots. My snowboard is a sims brand. How much should I buy more


Focus more on the boots, the boots will make or break your day on the mountain. go to a good respective...

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What kind of snowboard should i get?

i am a beginner snowboarder and i want to buy a snowboard i want something that is reliable but i don't want to spend too much money. What brand of snowboard should i get and more


My first board was a used Lamar that was in really good condition. I got it at a secondhand store for...

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Whats a good site to buy used snowboard packages..?

i'm a beginner snowboarder and i'm looking a for a good snowboard package at a cheap price.


go to Zumiez has packages for snowboards where you get to choose if you want a $299,...

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What kind of snowboard should I get?

I want to buy a snowboard this year, i rented one last year. I wouldnt say i am a beginner anymore, i'm 5'6" and 120 lbs, i am not a freestyle snowboarder, but i want to learn. Last more


recommending a brand of boot is pointless. there is only one approach to boots - try on as many pairs...

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Snowboard Suggestion?

I'm a beginner snowboarder who has snowboarded only a few times. I want to get more seriously into the sport and want to buy my first snowboard. I'm female but I'm 6' tall so I pretty more


so you're saying you dont think they make snowboards for tall girls....

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Snowboard boot help URGENT!!!?

I am going to buy snowboard boots tomorrow and was looking for things to look for in them. I will be looking for BOA lacing systems. I am a beginner/intermediate snowboarder and they more


You should stay away from special lacing systems. The most reliable laces are the old fashion kind....

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Sims Mini Montoya Snowboard?

I'm looking at a Sims Mini Montoya snowboard to buy. I don't know what kind of quality board it is. I'm a beginner snowboarder looking for a decent, but inexpensive more


ive never heard of that before so i really dont know what to tell you about the quality. what i did...

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Is it OK to buy a youth snowboard if your an adult?

I'm a 22 yr old beginner snowboarder 5'2 and 106 lbs and I bought the girl's Lamar Foxie 139 Jr. board. I've gone snowboarding about four times now and can't seem more


Heh yeah sorry but 4 times is usually a bit soon to be carving it up. practice a bit youll get it. you...

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