Where can I find a good Longboard?

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Where can i find a longboard...?

i snowboard and i am interested in getting a longboard. im obviously a beginner so i was looking for someone who can tell me what type of longboard i can get for cruising and more of an ammature/intermediate way of riding(with the structure of the board). also, i have been looking on tons of websites and all complete longboards are $170 and up. Is there any webiste or place i can find longboards for a reasonable price? if i become more advanced i will be more ok with spending a lot of money. please...


Try www.Thelongboardstore.com ,,, www.ccs.com,,,, www.skatewarehouse.com for ccs & skateware house...

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Where can i find a nice longboard?

im planning to buy a long board to skate from and to class. where is a good place to buy a nice but inexpensive longboard. Im planning to pay roughly about $100 for a complete board. ...show more


The only place you'll find a longboard for $100 is probably eBay but i know u can buy some pretty good...

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Where can i find this longboard?

so ive wanted a longboard for a really long time and i finally found the one i want but where can i buy it because i found it online and i dont want to buy online. theres an image ...show more


go to market n u should find longboard

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Where can I find a common shaped longboard online?

I see these guys long boarding in my street all the time, and I can skate board but i haven't since i broke mine in half, so where can i find a common long board or whatever ...show more


in my pants

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Where can i find the Apex 34 longboard by Original Skateboards online and not sold out?

I've looked everywhere and i can't find a place online where the Apex 34 isn't sold out.


wait, water sports? do u mean a surfboard or longboard skateboard? try emailing them.

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Where can I find Surf One Robert August II Complete Longboard

I want to get the cheapest price for Surf One Robert August II Complete Longboard


http://www.amazon.com/Surf-One-Rober t-Complete-Longboard/dp/B000FZ4T5C you can get the cheapest price...

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Where can i find a cheap longboard?

i want to get a longboard that is in the price range of 100-150 dollars. any websites or placces?


http://www.daddiesboardshop.com/gravity-… http://www.daddiesboardshop.com/sector9-…

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Where can I find a longboard with a blank bottom?

I am looking for a pintail longboard with no designs or graphics on the bottom. I am having a friend of mine paint it. So yea any links much appreciate. :)


You could try contacting a board company that you like and ask if they could sell you a blank deck

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i skate alot and i found some great and low cost boards at warehouseskateboards.com ccs is also a good...

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Are you looking for a longboard skateboard or a longboard surfboard? Text back so we can help you out...

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