Where can I get a cheap blackberry curve for metro pcs?

Let’s learn where can I get a cheap blackberry curve for metro pcs. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by ebay.com.

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metro pcs blackberry | eBay

metro pcs blackberry 128 listings ... BLACKBERRY Curve 8530 Metro PCS Black Smartphone. An eBay Valet trusted partner listing (ebay.com/valet) $15.00; 0 bids;


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Should I get a BlackBerry® Curve™ 8330 or a Samsung Finesse for Metro pcs?

I have metro pcs and i cant decide which one to get! Which one is better?Does one have more features and better features? What are the pro and cons??????


If you use email and messaging extensively, the Curve is your best bet. It is a very solid phone used...

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New phone for metro pcs? blackberry?

my mom is forcing me into metro pcs and their phones are crappy the only semi good phone they have is the old blackberry, i really hate it. why doesn't metro have the new blackberries like the bold or the updated curve the one they have is so ugly! ...


buy a new blackberry

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Flashed Blackberry Curve 8330 for Metro PCS?

I currently have a metro pcs phone, and just saw that metro got the blackberry curve, new its like $400 so i checked out ebay for cheaper used ones and they were all like flashed to metropcs service. what i was wandering was, How hard is it to have the...


Its not hard at all. You can purchase one of the flashed BlackBerry Curves and call into Metro PCS and...

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Metro PCS blackberry curve 8300 or 8330?

I am thinking of purchasing the new blackberry curve 8300 or the 8330 either way its the new metro pcs blackberry and I wanted to know has anyone found any problems with this phone. ...show more


I have a blackberry I use with tmobile. Its actually from AT&T but its unlocked and I have had no...

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So i purchased a metro pcs blackberry curve and i dont recieve calls?

i just purchased it yesterday and i had tmobile so i wanted to keep my number and told the guy i wanted to keep my number and then he transfered my number from tmobile to metro pcs he said after 9pm i can recieve calls .and its the morning now and i...


Dude be patient, porting a number doesn't always go perfect. I've had customers that have had to wait...

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I flashed my blackberry curve fully to metro pcs but I need help?

I got my blackberry curve flashed I switched a botton and now my Internet doesn't work what do I do plz help :)


You can't do anything. Internet and MMS gets disabled when flashed.

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Can i connect my Blackberry Curve 9330 to metro PCS?

I have this phone disconnected and i want to know if i could connect it to metro


As long as is doesn't take SIM Cards, then it can. However, internet and picture messaging will be disabled...

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Paid for my blackberry (metro pcs) when will i get it ?

so last week on Wednesday or Thursday, i paid 30 dollars for a new black berry because i broke my recent one. the guy said it should be here by Monday or Tuesday. does he mean sent to my house? or the store? (metro pcs is my phone service)


it depends did you make a claim with the insurance company? did you get an ID Claim# if so then after...

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Does the BlackBerry curve for Metro PCS have BBM on it?

http://www.metropcs.com/shop/PhoneDetails.aspx?ProductId=PRD26497019%28Phones%29 I want this phone, but only if it has blackberry messaging on it(bbm)


In fact all blackberry phones has BBM with all carriers :) Good Luck!

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