Which company is the best for credit card debt?

Let’s learn which company is the best for credit card debt. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Credit Card Debt Relief Company?

Best Credit Card Debt Relief Company for under $4,000 in debt.


First off, the BBB will give a high mark to anyone that pays them. They are a joke! Next, there is no...

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Is it OK for a credit card company to not send you a 1099c for cancelled debt for the tax year in which the debt was cancelled?

After a settling a credit card debt in December 2013, my credit card company is telling me they will not send me the 1099c this year because it was too late. They say they will send ...show more


The 1099-C is issued when the debt is reasonably determined to be uncollectible. That is not necessarily...

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Best way to get on a debt repayment plan with credit card company?

I owe a lot of money on several credit cards and recently lost my job. I need some imput from people who have worked with the credit card companies on their own to get a debt repayment plan in place so that I can pay what I can afford till I get back...


Apparently you haven't tried to call them. Call them all...or see a loan company. It's all about creditworhtyness...

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What is the best way to deal with credit card debt? Consolidate or Credit counseling company?

Just had a major surgery and racked up some major credit card debt while being out of work. Just looking to see where I could start now that I am going back to work.


If you are able, take out a home equity loan. Pay off the credit card bills with the proceeds. Then...

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What is the best way to bargain with credit card debt? With a company that way over charges on % payments.?

The credit card company advised my friend that they would lower her debt and take a pay off of a certain amount. They then return with a higher amount and % added. Now with a threat of legal action She does not know what to do. She is retired and can...


Could she try and transfer her balance to someone who is offering an introductory 0% interest trial...

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What is the best company/solution to consolidate my credit card debt with?

If I do not have a perfect credit score and I am past due in some credit cards what is the best company to consolidate debt with so I can make one payment?


hi, these links sometimes do seem to help people in trouble, hope there's something in there that helps...

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It's not a good idea if the interest on your debt is lower than the interest on the credit card.

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Does anyone know the best company to use for debt counseling and credit card consolidation?

I am looking for a good company to help us negotiate the rates on our cards that we used to start our business. And to hear from personal experience if this is a good way to go.


I've recommended the resource listed below to a number of folks, and they've all been pleased with the...

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What to do when a debt settlment company are cone artist that got you sued by your credit card?

I've been having financial problem due to my health (cancer) and got behind on 2 of my credit card bills. I want to pay them but they really got out of hand. The interests, the fees. I just need help. Then I found a company from yahoo answer to help...


Your first mistake was believing spam. Any answer here touting some place to handle debts or bad credit...

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Can a credit card company try to recollect discharged debt on new credit card offered by affiliated company?

I filed for bankruptcy last year on a credit card. This year I got an offer for a new credit card from a company that just recently merged with the old credit card I had filed bankruptcy on, can the old credit card company try to charge the old debt...


some body bought the bad debt and is trying to collect it from you. Don't take the bait as you will...

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