Which company makes the best surround sound that is cheap?

Let’s learn which company makes the best surround sound that is cheap. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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for the surround amps & recievers pioneer denon anthem statement onkyo subwoofer velodyne b&...

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Lookin for a 7.1 channel surround sound speaker system do you know any company that makes them?

'm looking for a 7.1 channel surround sound speaker set ( not the A/V reciever or DVD player just the speakers. I need the rear and side speakers to be on stands so they are off ...show more


Click right here for some help: http://www.whydoesmyhometheatersuck.com/...

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Panasonic had the best ratings that I could find online, but all were reviewed fairly favorably.

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Looking for the best surround sound system?

I am in search of the best surround sound system. I dont know which company are among the ones who makes the best surround sound system in the market and was therefore hoping that ...show more


This one is the best . Sony BRAVIA DAV-HDX589W 5.1-Channel Theater System (Black) Technical Details...

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I'm considering surprising my husband with a new surround sound system for our family room...?

He really likes the Bose 2-speaker system, because he's not what you'd call a "handy" guy and doesn't want to have to worry about wiring speakers through the room to get them to the back. I'm wondering if Bose is the only company that makes...


Bose's 321 system is designed to give you the 5.1 surround sound feel from 2 speakers and the sub. It...

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Why is Bose surround sound so good? What makes a good surround sound system? speakers or receiver?

People tell me Bose speakers are overpriced and there are many speakers just as good, but they never give me a brand to back it up. I have heard a Bose surround sound system in action and it sounds awesome. My question is, what makes a good system? The...


Realistically, your answer is in your question. You felt that the bose system that you heard sounded...

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Who makes a surround sound DVD system to store movies,music,pictures on hard disk. A computer for my lounge?

I want a smart looking system for my lounge but with the power of a computer. One box which I can put a DVD into but which also has a hard drive to store my pictures, DVDs, games, internet access etc. It must have integrated surround sound and must have...


They are called digital entertainment centers. HP has one (it has 5.1 channel out, but no AVR functionality...

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Which company has the best 5.1 surround sound speakers quality?

Best sound quality; subwoofer, surround sound, and etc.


Onkyo HT-SP904. Best sound quality I have heard for a home theatre in a box in a long time. If you can...

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What makes a surround sound system good: the receiver, the speakers, or combined?

I am moving into a new house and leaving my old surround sound speakers in the previous house. I have a fairly new 5.1 Sony Digital A/V Control Center. I've not been really impressed with it, but the speakers I've had are very cheap ones (Sherwood home...


It gets a bit confusing after a while, especially when this is not your forte. I will keep my comments...

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I have a simple question.Who makes the best home surround sound system?Sony, Pioneer,infinty ect.. ?

I have surround systems in "every" room of my house and most are a "mix and match" type set-up with a receiver from one company, amps and processors from a other and speakers from ...show more


I've got Sony and I'm loving it.

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