Why can't I have a voice conference in Yahoo Messenger?

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Why can't I hear anything in Yahoo Messenger voice conferences?

When I join a Yahoo Messenger voice conference, I can't hear anything. I can't even move the voice control slider--none of the voice controls respond. However, my audio setup went without a hitch. I'm running Vista, so I tried to run it in compatibility mode--that didn't work either. What's going on????


first of all windows vista is new and it hasnt really got all the bugs worked out of it yet. i'ld also...

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Yahoo Voice sets a direct connectin between two computers when they are chatting in voice.

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Help, why cant I hear or be heard on yahoo IM voice chat conference?

My computer is working fine and i still cant hear anything when on a voice conference IM chat. i have windows Vista. Are there any resolutions available? I have yahoo messenger 8.1 please help


sorry i cant help, but this is a good question

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Need help on yahoo messenger?

what's with the different versions in yahoo messenger? am so confused. i'm having trouble with the voice chat conference..it kept saying..cant connect to voice server--attempting to reconnect and so i decided to uninstall my old ym and replace it with...


Most of the time it isnt your messenger. Its a poblem with Yahoo and their server.

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Yahoo messenger voice conference doesnt working?

I have been using yahoo messenger voice conference for long time. but revently I am not able to use voice conference. whenever I try voice conference with someone I found my volme half way green & i can not click on the hands free button & after...


you didnt describe what type of connection you are using and which operatign system you hav...if you...

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Yahoo Messenger Voice Conference buttons disabled?

I have experience this lately using WIN-XP and YM ver. I cannot use voice conference because TALK, Hands Free button are disabled, BUT calling function on yahoo messenger works fine.. The only problem right now is that I cannot voice conference...


Go to your messenger upper right corner click on "help" then click on " check for updates...

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Yahoo messenger - conference facility - the voice conference feature does not work any ideas on how to make it

I have tried to get the voice feature to work in messenger between yahoo member, the Pc - PC telephone works fine so does the video and work fine even multiple feeds. But the voice conference wont' work most anoying. Anyone any ideas?


Can you provide more information? What actually happens when you try to connect to a voice conference...

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Is it possible to have a voice chat conference in Yahoo messenger w/ voice?

how to make voice chat conference using Yahoo messenger with voice?


Yes on your Messenger List click Actions then the very last thing on that menu that opens up is Invite...

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Cannot be heard using USB head-set, in Voice Conference on Yahoo Messenger 8 on Windows XP2 ?

I cannot be heard in Voice Conference on Yahoo Messenger on Windows XP2. The audio setup assistant can detect my usb headset and I can hear the others on my headphones. But when I check the hands free box and talk, yahoo messenger cannot detect my voice...


Click "Start", then "Control Panel", scroll to "Sound and Audio Devices"...

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How can I activate the option "Enable Voice for this conference" in Yahoo! Messenger for PC to PC calls?

I have downloaded the Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 to my computer. I am now facing with the problem of Voice Chat. I am not getting the Talk Box green signal in the Conference box. Let me know how to activate the option "Enalbe voice for this conference...


You are not clear in your question but there could be 2 possibilities: 1. you have downloaded Yahoo...

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