Why can't I log into Yahoo mail on Internet Explorer?

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I can't log in yahoo mail...Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage?

the main page is working perfectly but when i try to log in my yahoo mail, i get this message "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage." I know my connections is working fine. Is the problem with yahoo or my computer because I can log in using my office computer Please help


if your connections are ok.(an by the way are you on leased lines, Dial-up or wireless connection) with...

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Yahoo mail cannot display the webpage?

hi, i was just wondering if any1 can help me. everytime i try to log in to my yahoo mail, it says "internet explorer cannot display this webpage" any guesses why? and how can i fix this? just last night i was able to access yahoo mail, but...


I'm having the same problems...it's apparently a yahoo issue...let's hope they get it fixed soon!

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Yahoo mail issues? ?

im trying to log into my yahoo mail account and for some reason it wont let me =/ all other yahoo related sites work (answers, flickr, etc.) but every time i type in mail.yahoo.com or try to access my mail some way, the page always loads immediately...


I have Yahoo Mail Classic and I get the same page to pop up from time to time. I usually click on the...

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Why doesn't the new Yahoo Mail stay active after I log out? I'm using Internet Explorer 9, (instead of IE8)...?

Could this be the reason? My wife has Internet Explorer 8 and she can log out & go back in and she still has the Beta Mail active. When I log out and then log back into my Yahoo Mail, it reverts back to the original Yahoo Mail format! What gives?


It's that rotten IE9...I HATE IT with a passion! They said it was better....but it has messed up more...

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When i log into yahoo im then i try to get on internet explorer a box pops up and then i cant get on line.?

if i open internet explorer first its fine but i still get a box saying a website wants to open content using this program on your computer, name:yahoo messenger and publisher:yahoo inc. then the option to allow or not allow. either way i cant get the...


I would reinstall Yahoo Messenger if I were you. If that doesn't work then you have a virus or spyware...

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Have set up yahoo e-mail on internet explorer but cant get internet explorer to set up yahoo home page on wife

i can get into i/e but cant seem to get it to run for wifes/sons. i had it set up for my wife on i/e 7 but it has disappeared


Are you talking about separate computers or the same one? If it's just one machine, you have to sign...

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I cant get into yahoo mail Internet Explorer keeps telling me there is a problem and to send error report?

Have had this problem for a week now and it is starting to really annoy me. I can sign in and see the emails but then Internet Explorer comes in and says there is a problem and to send or not, an error report and then I get kicked out of my mail box.


Do yourself a favor and dump IE and try Firefox, Opera or even Safari, you just don't need that kind...

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Since I was having similar problems, I'll share what worked for me. Before you Log On (Sign On) to Yahoo...

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How do I fix a problem opening one Yahoo e-mail out of multiple e-mail accounts using Internet Explorer?

OS: Windows XP Home Edition, SP2 Browsers: IE7, Avant, Firefox, CrazyBrowser We have multiple Yahoo e-mail accounts. The problem only occurs with one account. I can open the e-mail login page and login (confirmed by going to my "My Yahoo" page...


It might fix the problem if you clear your browser's cache. Close the mail page, click Start > Control...

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Internet explorer redirecting yahoo mail? WHY it should be mozilla firefox.?

Help please. When i press my shortcut for yahoo mail my preferred way is for it it open with mozilla firefox which i want it do so. However Internet explorer has started to now opens up and my sign in seal yahoo is not there and it doesnt remember any...


In most cases, issue of Internet Explorer redirecting to a different web page arises because of malwares...

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