Why doesn't Yahoo messenger work?

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Why yahoo messenger 8.1 doesn't work?

after installed yahoo messenger 8.1, I can't see the message I sent to my friend and I can't see the message my friend sent to me, why is that? and how can I fix it? now I can't talk with anyone on my contact list, because I can't see the text at all.


Messenger 8.1 sucks >> Go to control panel>Add/remove programs>uninstall The version-8....

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Why i cant install my yahoo messenger,and the yahoo messenger installer doesnt work ,why?

we waited for a long time to show up he installer and it doesnt show up,why?


call a technician or click on troubleshoot

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Why my yahoo messenger is doesnt work?

when i open my yahoo! messenger, it doesnt work and yahoo said, there was a problem signing me in to yahoo messenger


Here are two links to help you to troubleshoot Messenger Sign-In Issues: http://help.yahoo.com/kb/index...

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Why my yahoo messenger application doesnt work? fyi, im using macbook?

why my yahoo messenger wont work? im using Messenger for Mac 3.0 Beta


Go back to an older version Betas are still being tested and often have bugs

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Why yahoo messenger doesnt work on my computer?

ive download the yahoo messenger 9.0. when i want to install it, it says (" Yahoo messenger is unable to download files needed for installation. Please check firewall setting and try installation.") plz help me how to fix this problem thanks...


If you are having lots of problem (like I did) you may want to consider downloading Trillian. You can...

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Why my yahoo messenger voice call doesnt work?

why my yahoo messenger voice call doesn t work


You need to activate it to use it as follows: Click on "Help" in the top right hand corner...

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I just recently upgraded my Yahoo Messenger and now my cam doesnt work and I can't view cams.WHY ?

I tried restore settings and that didn't work.Cam is listed under camera source and it all worked great before this.My old version was no longer usable with Messenger. Any help will be appreciated..THANKS !


Download the manufacturer's software ( by using the CD or from their website ) Once your webcam is working...

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it's been like MORE than an hour for god sake and it still isnt working.,..and it is not only my pc..or my messenger..its everybody's...FIX IT!!! tnx...


I spoke with Yahoo! customer care. Yesterday, July 22nd, 2006, Yahoo! experienced an outage which caused...

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Why doesnt my yahoo messenger work until now?

it still has the error that says: THE EXCEPTION BREAKPOINT BLAH BLAH i deleted my yahoo files in the search thingy and rebooted and dloaded it but nothing happened :( help?


left click start go to ((control panel)) left click control panel ((((num1))) if you have classic view...

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Why doesnt my yahoo messenger work?

i tried uninstalling and installing all over again, i tried the time and date problem but nothing seems to work... what can i do? i get a message saying there is an error with the ...show more


Go to Old apps. com or Softpedia.com and install one from there.

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