Why won't Yahoo messenger work on Windows Vista?

Let’s learn why won't Yahoo messenger work on Windows Vista. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Does yahoo messenger 10 work with windows vista?

I just uploaded yahoo newest messenger 10 onto my Windows Vista and everytime i try to do something it says (YAHOO MESSENGER HAS STOPPED WORKING. WE WILL CLOSE THE PROGRAM AND NOTIFY YOU OF A SOLUTION.) I have unistalled and reinstalled several times. What should I do now?


Yes - I run Vista and Yahoo Messenger - No Problem Check all the support software is installed and up...

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Why dosent my Windows Vista dosent work wif the voice conference on yahoo messenger?

Is there a way to make this voice thing to work. and i have tryed changing my yahoo messenger version to an older version .


I have the same problem. So do a lot of others http://forum.exetel.com.au/viewtopic.php?p=179749&...

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Do you already upgrade yahoo messenger for vista if not please upgrade it first

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Yahoo Messenger 8.1.249 Does not work with Windows Vista. FOR SURE!!?

I just installed Windows Vista Ultimate and installed LATEST version of yahoo messenger. It simply doesn't work on Windows Vista and I receive forget your password message box. I even went and disabled UAC (User Account Control) in Windows Vista before...


Please don't rant on Yahoo! Answers, that's against community guidelines (http://answers.yahoo.com/info...

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IE and vista's windows update does not recognize my connection but firefox and yahoo messenger work fine.?

IE does not work on my laptop and windows cannot update. However, firefox and yahoo messenger work fine. I have a vista hp laptop and have been trying to fix this problem for a year. I have tried everything on this site http://support.microsoft.com/kb...


look in task manager and see how many processes you have running there may be a rootkit interfering...

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Windows Vista doesn't work with yahoo messenger 8.0 or. 9.0 beta?

When I try to send or receive an instant message I can't see nothing. I have yahoo messenger for vista but I do not like it all. So does anyone know why I can't see what ...show more


I have had this problem with the newest versions of YM too.. Yahoo has had a problem with this for a...

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Can you be more detailed as to what happens when you try to run the program? If you have not installed...

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Can anyone please tell me what to do to make Yahoo messenger work on my Windows VISTA computer?

I have this VISTA computer.. I tried to add the 9.0 messenger but it didn't work.. please what to do? anyone?


downgrade to XP!!!!! VISTA SUCKS!

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What should i do to make the yahoo messenger voice work with windows vista?

i cant make the voice work with windows vista.should i download additional files for the voice to wrk?


go to http://www.freecreed.com and read the page about codecs and fixing vista on yahoo

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