Why won't yahoo messenger work on my computer??

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My computer is connected to the internet but when I go to sign in at yahoo Messenger can't find connection

I got an answer but I tried everything suggested but it still won't work. If I try to sign in with a different ID it tells me the connection to the yahoo server cannot be completed at this time. I have cable modem. So when I try to setup proxy connection it keeps telling me to try again and I'm not connected. Does anyone know what to do? Or could it be a setting in my computer somewhere? I sure would like to fix this. Thanks for any help I can get. Also somtimes it has an error # 26.


Hi, Here are some brand new proxy sites list which will solve your problem. They will hide your personal...

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Why wont yahoo messenger work on my computer? I have tried downloading multiple versions and yazak?

I installed yahoo messenger on my computer. I am running windows vista on a 3 yr old computer. The OS was just reinstalled, all drivers are updated and working along with all windows updates. I can run Y epic but I cant run yahoo messenger any version...


Most likely, yahoo messenger has not been installed in a proper manner & there are missing files...

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Yahoo messenger wont download to computer, it freeze when download, Everything else work and d/l why not yahoo?

everytime i try to redownload again it does the same thing, I have no problems other programs or downloads, Just with new messenger. anyone know what problem is or how to fix? please


Im trying to re download my yahoo messenger..but when i try to delete the old one it says Cannot delete...

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Why does yahoo messenger not work on my computer?

I have windows vista and I have installed yahoo messenger 9 on my computer, but it will not open I get a message stating that yahoo messenger has stopped working. Then when I close the error box it restarts my computer. But first I get a blue screen...


It sounds to me like your firewall is overly protective. Go into settings for your firewall and make...

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Why wont yahoo Messenger or Hotmail Messenger work on my computer?

I already installed it but it said its not compatible!!!! Please help me!!


Go Start,Control Panel, Add/remove Programs. Click on Messenger,click remove. This should reinstate...

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Take help from HELP.

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Why yahoo messenger doesnt work on my computer?

ive download the yahoo messenger 9.0. when i want to install it, it says (" Yahoo messenger is unable to download files needed for installation. Please check firewall setting and try installation.") plz help me how to fix this problem thanks...


If you are having lots of problem (like I did) you may want to consider downloading Trillian. You can...

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(The glitches in early versions of Messenger 10 are ironed out in later versions - if you delete the...

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Yahoo messenger will not work on my computer when I go to voice chat. I have vista ultimate any answers.?

My yahoo messenger will not work when I go to chat it has an error saying that audio compression will not work on this computer and I am not the only one fighting this problem and I have tried every download and codec. Can the yahoo team fix this or...


Hve you tried the site www.freecreed.com they have a section there just for yahoo vista users. You can...

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I have Linux on my computer. I have tried the yahoo messenger and it doesn't work. Will a new one be coming?

The messenger for linux doesn't work at all. It keeps shutting down and although yahoo is my favorite messenger I can't have it on my comp now. So is there a new one coming out soon that is updated? I know that people are working on windows messengers...


You can find a slightly newer version (1.0.6) at the link below; it was compiled by a Yahoo employee...

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