Why won't my Slim Universal remote control turn on?

Let’s learn why won't my Slim Universal remote control turn on. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Is there such a thing as a universal TV remote control that has a timer to turn ON a televistion at set time?

I have a projection television that has a circuit board problem. It works perfectly but requires a "warm up" period of about an hour or two hours before you can see the picture on screen and then after it warms up it is crystal clear. Repair...


Yes there are. The function is generally refered to as a wake-up timer. I believe that Sony offers remotes...

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Need the following information to have any chance of helping. Brand name and model of universal remote...

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How do I program a universal remote control for an Orion VR 213 VCR to turn on the front input jacks?

I am trying to copy saved programs from a DVR to the VCR but have lost the VCR remote control. I have a RCA SystemLink Simple 3 universal remote I am using for nothing else and would like to program it for use with the Orion VR213 VCR. Any help is sincerely...


As Universal Remote Control Inc.'s top-of-the-line hard buttoned remote, the Complete Control MX-95...

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How to make your DVR remote control turn up and down the volume and turn off and on the tv?

My mom has the most up to date DVR. We live in Dallas, Texas. I don't like the new one at all I wish she'd need to go back to the other one. I and my bro have the one with the orange light on it and she has the one with the blue light on it. Ya know...


TWC uses various remotes. Go to the TWC website http://www.twc.com click on the program your remote...

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How can I use my Uverse remote control to turn off DVD subtitles?

How can I use my Uverse remote control to turn off DVD subtitles? Today, I finally got fed up with having 5 remote controls cluttering up the living room and programmed my Uverse remote to act as a universal remote (using these instructions). So far...


I turn captions on and off by: Menu, Options, System Settings, Closed Captions

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How can i turn on the tv, cable box using only one remote control?

i tired of using two remote control (cable box rc, tv rc) to turn they on... my friends told me there's some cable in back of tv and box to connect them and choose which one would be the master control and i have no idea what he was talking about. or...


Get a universal remote. You can get them at any shop which sells electronics stuff. Even places like...

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BMW remote control won't stay in the ignition but the car still runs? How do you turn it off?

BMW 525, a button was pressed on the remote control while inside of the car and now the ignition is not excepting the remote control, the car still runs but how do you turn this off with out going to the dealership


pull out both ports of the battery. you must go to the bmw service center or any mechanic shop.

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Remote control cinema system, how can i turn it on without the remote?? Please help?

I have an expensive 5.1 cinema surround sound system connected to the PC, but it can only be turned on via a remote control, i had a big house party 2 nights ago and the cigarette ...show more


I have a suggestion for you...check out the Harmony remote by Logitech. It is really cool and is Universal...

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I've never heard of that brand before. The remote doesn't work but how about the buttons on the TV itself...

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