Why won't my new PSP Slim screen turn on?

Let’s learn why won't my new PSP Slim screen turn on. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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My PSP won't turn on, no sound or screen. HELP?

I have a PSP, i haven't used it in a couple of months and now i plug it in and i get no sound and the screen doesn't work, The green light is still on but nothing. I've ...show more


charge it

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Why wont my psp screen wont turn on?

I droped my psp while updating and the battery flew out. I turn it on now amd the green light comes on for about half a mintue and then it gos off while the screen stays off.


Take the battery out, blow on it to get rid of any impurities that might have gotten in it, put it back...

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My psp slim (jigkick battery) screen wont turn on!?

When i put the battery in it automatically turns on but the screen wont, is that normal?


you need to have a magic memory stick (you use this to program custom firmware to the psp and to unbrick...

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Why wont my psp screen turn on anymore?

this afternoon i got home from school ready to have some fun. I tried to turn it on and the only thing i can see is a black screen and the power light on. Theres no sound coming from ...show more


it might be a cracked screen i would take it to sony and what ever you do, DO NOT open it, i voids ur...

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MY PSP SCREEN WONT TURN ON!(PLEASE HELP)(If you answer works you get 10 points)?

My psp wont work! It is on charge then i want to play it while it is on charge. But when the green light comes up the screen wont. I waited for 10mins witht he green light on but the screen was still black. I really want to play it cause i got a new...


i think i may know the prob, my bro has a psp ..but never has had this prob before...i am guessing that...

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Psp screen wont turn on but i hear sounds?

i got a slim psp and after a couple of months when i turned it on the screen wont show anything but i can hear all the sounds..and sometimes the screen comes on but the laser wont read any disks?/ plzzzz help


Your psp is broken. Parts have become lose. get a new one. Wait for pspgo

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What do i do if my psp slim is on but the screen is black?when its on i can't turn it off.?

this happened when i was trying to download network upgrade but when it failed i tried to turn it off but nothing happened so i took off the battery.so when i turn it back on the ...show more


You sir are the proud owner of a Sony Brick, I wish I could assist you more but even sony will not assist...

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How Do I Fix My PSP's Screen That Wont Turn On?

My PSP's power light turns on but not the screen how do i fix it? Is there something Loose or What?


If you tried hacking your PSP by, lets say trying to flash it to a different version, it is possible...

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I tried updating my psp slim to 5.50 gen-a but i think it got bricked. when i turn it on, the screen is black?

and the psp turns off. holding the R button does not work also. is there a way to unbrick this with or without a pandora battery?


You can unbrick it with a pandora battery for 9 bucks. http://www.pandorabatterybuys.com/pandor...

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Why does my psp screen turn black if i set it down?

i mean if i barley hit the back of it, the whole screen turns black. then i turn it off and on it is okay. can anyone help me?


somethings wrong with the hardware. either sum pieces have been broken inside...or dropped it too many...

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