Why won't my new laptop turn on?

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Why won't my new HP Laptop turn on?

I bought a new HP G60-230CA Notebook PC. I inserted the battery and connected the charger to the laptop, than plugged it into the outlet. All the instructions were followed, so I turned it on. The adapter is finer because the LED (Charger) light is on, but none of the other power lights are on, and the screen is blank. I pressed the power button a few times, and nothing happened, so I left it on charge for more than half an hour, and tried it again. It still wouldn't open. it's co,pletely new, and...


One test you can run is to see if it will work using the power cord. If it does then one of two things...

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Why wont my laptop turn on?

I have a phillips 15nb57 series which is roughly 5 years old... I love it, but now it won't turn on... It charges properly but its been like this for a week now... When I press the power button it comes on for an average of two seconds and then switches...


There was a similar question before, here was my answer, As a last resort you might need to fdisk, reformat...

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Why Wont my laptop turn on?

I have a Dell M1210 (intel centrino duo) and the screen wont turn on. I put it on charge and pressed the power button all the power lights and the caplock lights etc. turn on but the screen doesnt turn on. I thought it was the charger but the charger...


First, connect your laptop VGA port to an external LCD monitor screen to see if your Dell M1210 laptop...

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Why wont my laptop wont turn on?

Well, my laptop wont turn on, actually it does, i have an IBM thinkpad computer. When i turn it on, it shows an IBM screen then it just stays on that and does nothing else. Then i hear the computer running, then after a few minutes it just stops and...


as it is an IBM Thinkpad then it is quite old, IBM has been out of production for quite some time (the...

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My laptop wont turn on and the charger is new. What can i do?

My laptop wont turn on. Its a gateway M-Series. I plug it to the wall carger (new) and the charging led turns on (purple). When i hit the power button the charging led flashes and turns back on. Nothing else happens. When i try to power it without charger...


Do you have another charger you can use? Does it do this when the battery is not in the laptop? Do you...

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Why wont my HP laptop turn on?

It will turn on and stay on, but the screen wont turn on. OR, it will turn on and turn off. Idk whats wrong i didnt drop it as far as i know. It did it a lil while ago but i got it to come on somehow. I forget how though. Has anyone ese had this problem...


Remove the ram chips, clean the terminals and reinstall

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Since its only 4 months old, warranty should be still in effect. But you can also try some tips below...

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7 year old Inspiron 5100 laptop, won't turn on, don't know why, just got new a/c, still don't work, HELP!!!!!?

for no reason, it won't turn on, just got new battery 6 months ago, just got a new a/c charger, opened it, looks fine, cleaned it, very good condition, why won't it turn on and how do i get it to turn on


Call Dell. They say they have the best customer service so you should go for that. Did you charge it...

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Why wont my laptop wont turn on..?

i have a lenovo thinkpad edge unfortunately i dont know the model number since it is a computer the school gave us, but i was using it one night and decided to restart it to switch operating system (i have one for school and one for home) but when it...


Okay i've had similar problems with a dell computer. I haven't pinpointed the exact cause, but i managed...

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I was on my laptop it was charging then it charged it just shuts off and wont turn back on..why is that?

i took it to officedepot they said it could be the motherboard...but i just got me new laptop but i'm looking to get my old one fix just got it last year....Could it be the Fan?...i was just on it after i charged my battery i unplugged the cord and soon...


It could be some overheating issues; Games and other programs that drive CPU usage toward 100% can contribute...

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