Why won't my computer screen turn on sometimes?

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You either dont have it plugged in or your forgetting to use the power button. If they are on, then...

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I have my computer hooked up to my flat screen tv, sometimes when i turn the computer on it wont show! Why?

Its a 46" screen, Sometimes when i boot up its fine other times it doesnt do anything. I just stays black. Then i have to turn the power off of the computer and shut it down the wrong way. I am afraid if i don't get this figured out, damage my computer...


i think its your video card. or the plug of the monitor are not in proper port. but if your monitor...

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Why wont my computer screen turn on when i turn on the computer, is it the video card?

just the screen wont turn on..but the tower runs and everything, just cant see anything.


Have you tried the monitor power switch? Check the connectors from the PC to the monitor. Make sure...

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Why wont my computer turn on ~ blue screen?

I tried booting on my computer and a blue screen came up saying: A problem has been detected and your windows needs to shutdown. Then some like code Then it says if you see this screen once reboot, if you see it again follow these steps. And i did follow...


well that code you saw tells us what the problem is, perhaps you should try writing it down next time...

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Screen wont turn on when I turn the computer on or when i try to wake the computer up after from sleeping mode?

Hello I have a old HP pavilion with a 19in brand new screen. Recently the computer haven't been working as use to. First what was happening was that when the computer goes to sleep mode it wont wake up again, in the screen i just have the message no...


Same thing happens to me and I just got this computer brand new anyways try clicking your mouse and...

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Why does my computer screen stay blank when I turn the computer on?

After running XP Pro on my desktop computer with no problems for 2-3 years, my computer abruptly froze and slightly garbled the screen. When I rebooted, the computer would hang during the boot-up process (the only way to turn it off was to unplug the...


Once you installed the new hardware, especially the motherboard you would have to do a reinstall of...

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Computer wont turn on- black screen?

A couple of days ago my computer wouldn't turn off, it had froze. So I held down the power button so it could power off, it did. The next day I go and try to cut my computer on and everything seems to be fine. It boots up as normal but the screen would...


Hi,upcomingirl There are 3 step to repair black screen error If you got black screen error then there...

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Why do I get a white screen on my computer screen after I turn the computer off?

Every time I turn the desk top computer off, the screen turns white. There are a few white lights on behind the screen. It just started a week ago. There is nothing else wrong, the computer works well.


Change the monitor.

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My computer screen wont turn on help!?

my computer screen wont turn on help the computer is on i can hear it but the screen dont turn on the lil light stays amber insted of turning green and then poping a display up. ive tryed unpluging and repluging everything ive pushed the video card in...


sounds like your video card is screwed. before i called someone to replace it (assuming you've got a...

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My computer wont turn on it just has a black screen,it has a little blinking bar at the top left of the screen?

when i turn it on i can hear the fan and everything but it wont go to where i log in my user it says press DELETE or TAB for bios message or something like that but then after it just goes to a blank black screen and a little white bar at the top left...


Hello I will do my best to assist you. First of all don't panic, a blinking bar is better than a plain...

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